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Graduating Class of 2011

153 Graduates

88.4% of graduates were employed, enrolled in a full-time degree program or not seeking employment nine months following graduation*

Bar Required:  Of those employed, 92.7% were in bar required or preferred positions. 

Graduates found employment in 20 states and the District of Columbia. 

83% Bar Passage Rate for first-time test takers. 

*Does not include 6 unknown students; includes 3 students enrolled in full-time degree programs and 3 students not seeking employment.  Of those employed, 5.6% were part-time jobs.  

Graduating Class of 2012

July 2012 Bar Exam results for the class of 2012, all states: 85%

Graduating Class of 2013

July 2013 Bar Exam results for the class of 2013, all states: 79.46%