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The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)
The LSAC webpage is an outstanding resource for individuals who are considering law school.  Through the LSAC website, you can research law schools, learn more about opportunities in the legal profession, and obtain information about the LSAT.  In addition, LSAC will serve as your central website when applying to law school.
The campaign was developed by the Law School Admissions Council to expand the diversity of the legal profession.

CLEO - Council on Legal Education Opportunity
CLEO is a nonprofit entity of the American Bar Association. Their mission is to diversify the legal profession. Since their inception in 1968, CLEO has been at the forefront of helping minority, low-income and disadvantaged students gain access to law school, successfully matriculate and pass the bar exam.

Nebraska Legal Diversity
The Nebraska Legal Diversity Website is designed to promote a diverse legal profession by providing information on the programs and networks in place to assist individuals interested in preparing for law school and practicing law in Nebraska.  In addition, the website provides information about networking and employment opportunities from firms, the court system, and organizations actively seeking minority applicants.


LSAT Preparation Courses

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions