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In January 1993, the Law School dedicated its Legal Clinic. In 1999, the Clinic was rededicated as the Milton R. Abrahams Legal Clinic. In 2005 a second clinic, the Community Economic Development Clinic was created. Creighton?s Legal Clinics not only provide a much-needed service to the community, but also provide a "hands-on" learning environment for Creighton students.

The Civil Law Clinic offers free legal assistance on civil matters to low-income residents of Douglas County, Nebraska. The clinic operates as a small law firm, staffed by law students under the supervision of the Clinic Director, Professor Catherine Mahern, Connie Kearney Chair in Clinical Legal Education. Attorney  Martha Lemar provides comprehensive legal assistance to victims of domestic violence.

The Community Economic Development (CED) Clinic is committed to encouraging economic growth and stability within under-served communities in Nebraska, while providing third-year law students a clinical experience. The focus of the CED Clinic is on Non-Profit Organizations, Micro-Enterprise Business and Community Asset Protection. Professor Ronald Volkmer is the Director of the Community Economic Development Clinic.