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Street Law Program - Law 401

Street Law is an initiative in which law students go in teams of two to local middle and high schools and teach students some of the basics of law.  Subjects range from search and seizure to principles of democracy, from landlord-tenant to mock trials.  A unique blend of content and methodology, Street Law uses interactive techniques that promote cooperative learning, critical thinking, and the ability to participate in a democratic society. The Creighton model focuses on community-based topics of timely and particular interest to the students.

In Street Law, students develop their organizational and collaborative skills while gaining a greater knowledge of substantive law through teaching others.  Students also strengthen oral presentation skills, especially the ability to respond on their feet and the ability to communicate legal concepts in lay terms.

Street Law provides an opportunity for law students to serve the public and the community while in law school. As one student said, "Teaching law to high school students in North Omaha was by far the most satisfying experience of my law school career.... I was able to reach the community in ways that many law students are not able to experience."

In addition to the in-class teaching commitment, which is once a week for eight weeks, students are responsible for lesson planning -- adapting the Street Law curriculum to their particular classrooms. To prepare, students participate in orientation and training during the first two weeks of the semester, and attend four seminar discussions over the course of the semester.

At the end of the experience, students gather their lesson plans into a portfolio and submit short reflection papers. Enrollment is limited, and students seeking to enroll are required to submit a short (no more than one page, double-spaced) statement explaining the reasons for their interest.

The credit hour earned in Street Law is a non-classroom credit hour. (See Academic Rule 6.8(a).) 

For additional questions about Creighton's Street Law Program, please contact Prof. Palma Strand at (402) 280-3592 or