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The Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal (CICLJ) is a legal journal specializing in international law. CICLJ was founded in 2010, and published its first edition in the spring of 2011. The CICLJ will cover a broad array of international law issues in an innovative publishing format.

The CICLJ will publish articles, perspectives and commentary from academics, legal practitioners, and Creighton University students. It will serve as a forum for debate and exploration within the area of international law. For its student members, the CICLJ serves to refine research skills, polish critical thinking, and establish the ability to create a well-researched article.

The CICLJ is published exclusively in electronic sources. We believe this format will be the preferred method for publishing legal journals in the future, as it allows for both easier reading and a richer reading environment. The CICLJ is accessible through this webpage, Westlaw, and Lexis-Nexis. Articles are published in multiple formats for both ease of use and ease of research.

On behalf of the editors, we thank you for your interest in our journal.

Our Mission Statement

The Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal (CICLJ) is an online publication that recognizes the increasing importance of international law in legal practice and academia. CICLJ is dedicated to publishing articles by scholars, practitioners, and students to provide perspective vital to shaping our legal and social environment.