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American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS)

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is one of the nation's leading progressive legal organizations. Founded in 2001, ACS is comprised of law students, lawyers, scholars, judges, policymakers, activists and other concerned individuals who are working to ensure that the fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice are in their rightful, central place in American law. Today, American values, our constitutional heritage, and the freedoms and opportunities of our people are being undermined by a narrow, conservative approach to the law which lacks appropriate regard for the ways in which the law affects people's lives and that has come to dominate American law and public policy - from law school classrooms to legislative hearing rooms to federal courtrooms. This conservative vision, advanced by a highly organized movement, threatens to undermine the true promise of our Constitution. ACS is committed to fostering a more progressive vision of the law.

Vice President:  
Events Co-Chairs: 
Membership Chair: 
Moderator:  Professor Michael Kelly 

Animal Law Society

The Animal Law Society (ALS) is a chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF), a national organization with a mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.  ALS provides opportunities on campus for students to get involved with Animal Law and serves as a forum for education and advocacy, aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile for the field of animal law.

President:  Rebekah Mangrum
Vice President:  Shawn Smith
Co-Secretaries:  Christopher Klein, Kati Kilcoin, R.J. Longmuir
Treasurer:  Andrea Gosnold-Parker
Board Members:  Hannah Van Roekel, Sharon Heck, Ashley Ranniger-Moore
Moderator:  Professor Carol Knoepfler

Asian Law Students Association (ALSA)

Among its goals, the Asian Law Students Association hopes to foster a bond among Asian and Asian-American students and between them and the rest of the student body. It also aims to promote the professional and educational needs of its members, to focus on the role of Asian lawyers in the American legal system, and to assist the Omaha Metro Asian community in gaining access to legal information and resources. Membership in the ALSA is open to all Creighton law students, and its members are both Asian and non-Asian in ethnicity.

President:  Daniel Lam
Vice President:  Jayne Wagner
Secretary:  Nicole Griffard
Treasurer:  Chino Betita
Community Outreach:  Kamron Hasan
Events Coordinators:  Frank Ginsbach, Matthew Tom
3L Rep:  Lang Chao
2L Rep:  Chino Betita
Moderator:  Professor Stephen Sieberson

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

BLSA is a voluntary association of African-American students that, as part of the national organization, provides programs and activities for its members as well as for the Law School and the community. The purposes of BLSA are: to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of African-American law students; to foster and encourage professional competence; to focus upon the relationship of the African-American attorney to the American legal structure; and to instill in the African-American attorney and law student a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of the African-American community. The chapter is a forum for expressing concerns to the Law School and to the local community, often in conjunction with the local minority bar association. 

President:  Damian Jackson
Vice President:  Ike Igbokwe
Secretary:  Katherine Whitson
Treasurer:  Matt DiMasi
Moderator:  Professor Raneta Mack 

Business Law Society (BLS)

The Business Law Society's mission is to provide a forum for law students interested in all aspects of business law.  In order to inform law students about the study and future practice of business law, BLS sponsors panel discussions led by business attorneys who practice in the Omaha area.  BLS has also recently established a mentoring program that partners law students with business attorneys to promote networking opportunities and career guidance.  Membership in BLS is open to all Creighton law students.

President:  Natalie Sindelar
Vice President:  Cody Backus
VP of Communications:  Nolan Cordon
VP of Events:  Zachary Lutz-Priefert
VP of Finance:  David Metzger
VP of Marketing:  Matthew Gerken
VP of Outreach:  Justin DiBona
Moderator:  Professor Edward Morse

Client Counseling and Negotiations Board

Client Counseling and Negotiations Board promotes student knowledge and interest in the counseling and interviewing functions and negotiations portion of law practice. Intra-school contests are conducted and the winners are eligible to enter national competitions conducted by the American Bar Association's Law Student Division. The Client Counseling competition involves simulated client interviews in which students, acting as attorneys, conduct an interview and determine how to proceed. Monetary prizes and the opportunity to advance to regional competitions encourage students to participate and develop the interviewing, planning, and analytical skills needed for the lawyer-client relationship. The intra-school competition is open to first year students during the spring semester. The Negotiations Competition conducted in the fall semester is open to second year and third year students. The Negotiation Competition gives students practice in negotiating legal disputes. 

Co-Presidents:  Amy Garreans and Oliver Maguire

Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal

The Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal (CICLJ) is a legal journal specializing in international law. The CICLJ will cover a broad array of international law issues in an innovative publishing format. The CICLJ will publish articles, perspectives and commentary from academics, legal practitioners, and Creighton University students. It will serve as a forum for debate and exploration within the area of international law. For its student members, the CICLJ serves to refine research skills, polish critical thinking, and establish the ability to create a well-researched article. 

Editor-in-Chief: Hoken Aldrich
Executive Editor: Claire Reyes
Lead Articles Editors: Isaiah Ang, Kimberly Jeter
Student Articles Editors: Molly Carmody, Alexis Wright
Moderators: Professors Michael Kelly, Raneta Mack, Stephen Sieberson, Sean Watts, David Weber 

Creighton Law Ambulance Chasers

The Creighton Law Ambulance Chasers (Running & Cycling Club) serves to create a common outlet for runners and cyclists or those interested in beginning a running and cycling regimen here at Creighton University School of Law.  The Ambulance Chasers exists to respond to all the running and cycling needs demanded by the law students.  This will include group runs and races, running and cycling advice, and help with training plans, routes, gear, and nutrition.  As future lawyers, we recognize the importance exercise plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and hope that our actions inspire our peers and clients to follow this path.

President:  Corianna Kubasta
Vice-President:  Frank Ginsbach  
Secretary:  Melissa Sellnow
Treasurer:  Shawn Smith
2L Representative:  Carmine Mediate
Social Coordinator:  Jenny Schuelke 
Moderator:  Professor Sean Watts

Employment and Labor Law Society

Employment law is a rapidly growing and vibrant area within the legal profession. It is a broad field that encompasses all aspects of the employment relationship. The Employment and Labor Law Society's mission is to educate the student body about this field. The Society seeks to achieve this mission by providing opportunities for students interested in employment and labor law to explore this area through events and other forums, including networking opportunities, and facilitating interaction with alumni and local practitioners.

President:  Tony Tracy
Vice President:  Hannah Van Roekel
Secretary:  Alexis Mullaney
Treasurer:  Erin Amdor
Moderator:  Professor Carol Knoepfler

Environmental Law Society (ELS)

ELS promotes the education of students in the state of our environment and the field of environmental law. The organization serves as an employment resource and features speakers on environmental issues. 

President:  Zachary Lutz-Priefert
Vice President:  Patrick McGee
Secretary:  Ryan Greenwood
Treasurer:  Ryan Watson
3L Rep: Katlin Peterson, Daniel Lam
2L Rep:  Hassan Sheikh, Katherine Powers
Moderator:  Professor Eric Pearson

Estate Planning Law Society

The Estate Planning Law Society’s mission is to develop student interest in estate planning.  The Society hopes to accomplish this by providing members with information that will help to make them successful and marketable in an estate planning career.  The Society also hopes to provide members with hands on learning experiences and networking opportunities.

President: Mark Huston
Vice President: Danny Leavitt
Secretary: Cody Backus
Treasurer: Nathan Tenney
Moderator: Professor Nicholas Mirkay

Family Law Student Society

The Family Law Student Society provides a forum for discussing relevant issues related to family law practice by hosting speakers and networking opportunities for interested students.

President:  Mark Bosworth
Vice President:  James McGarvey
Secretary:  Matt Aksamit
Treasurer:  Jaclyn Davis
Moderator:  Professor Catherine Brooks

Federalist Society

Federalist Society is a non-partisan conservative/libertarian organization dedicated to freedom, federalism, and judicial restraint. The Federalist Society fosters a greater appreciation for the role of separation of powers; federalism; limited, constitutional government; and the rule of law in protecting individual freedom and traditional values.

Not all learning can be had from books. Much is learned in law school through contact with thinkers, judges and civic leaders, but even more valuable is thoughtful debate between you and your friends and colleagues. The Federalist Society, by broadening the law school debate with its publications and invited speakers, provides a forum for a fuller inquiry into today's legal issues than will be received from law school text books.

The Federalist Society seeks to encourage critical thinking and inspire broader participation in policy debates on both the national and local level. The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

President:  Anna Forman
Vice President:  Patrick Tarr
Secretary:  Michael Anderson
Treasurer:  Seth Johnson

3L Rep:  Danielle Dring
2L Rep:  Hassan Sheikh
1L Rep:  Alexandra Shields
Moderator:  Professor Ralph Whitten

Fellowship of Christian Law Students (FCLS)

FCLS, the Fellowship of Christian Law Students is a student-led and directed organization that seeks to bring all aspects of our Christian faith into both our law school educational experience and our lives. FCLS is a fellowship organization that seeks to provide both friendship and support to its members and to provide a place of encouragement and eternal focus within the law school. FCLS seeks to aid the spiritual growth of its members and to provide a place within the law school where faith and friendship are valued above all else.

President:  Mark Rowan
Vice President:  Pedro Cisneros
Vice President for Outreach:  Carmine Mediate
Moderator:  Professor Edward Morse

Gay/Straight Law Alliance (GSLA)

The mission of the Gay/Straight Law Alliance is to foster a welcoming environment to all students regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference. In accordance with Ignatian and Jesuit tradition, the Gay/Straight Law Alliance affirms the goodness, worth and dignity of every person. The Gay/Straight Law Alliance strives to support diversity in the law school, to support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersexed law students, to increase knowledge and awareness of legal issues that are unique to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersexed community, and to serve the greater community as a source of information about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersexed legal issues.

President:  Josh Woolf
Vice President:  Molly Carmody
Secretary:  Sarah Hart
Treasurer:  Matt Aksamit
Moderator:  Professor Nicholas Mirkay

Immigration Law Society

The Immigration Law Society strives to involve the law student and local legal community in a fair and balanced dialogue about immigration issues nationally and locally through speaker and panel events, advocacy and awareness projects, and volunteer activities. In addition to engaging with the local immigrant and refugee populations in Nebraska and Iowa, we hope to provide law students with more opportunities to gain legal experience, network with local practitioners, judges and non-profit organizations as well as exposure to diverse communities. 

President: Kevin McCarthy
Vice President: Ryan Greenwood

Secretary: Kate Kennedy
Treasurer: Elly Gosar

Moderator:  Professor David Weber

Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS)

IPL aims to educate its members on basic and emerging issues of Intellectual Property Law. The Society also gives students a forum for meeting with speakers who practice patent, trademark and copyright law. It is open to all Creighton law students. 

President:  W. Bruce Wray
Vice President:  Chase Webb
Secretary:  Nathan Dallon
Treasurer:  Ryan Greenwood
Moderator:  Associate Dean Craig Dallon

International Law Society (ILS)

ILS is a student affiliate of the American Society of International Law. The Society strives to foster and expand interest in and understanding of the international legal process within the legal community. All interested law students are invited to be members. The Society's activities include speaker programs and seminars on current topics, involvement with the International Law Moot Court Board, and support for the annual Jessup International Moot Court Competition. 

President:  Katie Sellers
Vice President:  Sarah Hart
Secretary:  Danielle Dring
Treasurer:  Erick Bohm
Moderator:  Professor Michael Kelly

J. Reuben Clark Law Society

We affirm the strength brought to the law by a lawyer's personal religious conviction. We strive through public service and professional excellence to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law. 

President:  Danny Leavitt
Vice President:  Cody Backus
Secretary:  Landon Smith
Treasurer:  Tonya Whipple
Moderator:  Profrofessor Kay Andrus

Latino Law Students Association (LLSA)

LLSA is a local association of Latino students in the School of Law. LLSA promotes unity among Latino students and between the Latino students and the rest of the student body. Another purpose of the Association is communication with the Law School administration. The Association also brings to the Omaha Latino Community an awareness of the opportunities that are available both in the study of law and in obtaining legal services. 

President:  Pedro Cisneros
Vice President of Organization:  Jose Rodriguez
VP of Community Outreach:  Gregory Ramirez
Secretary:  Lucia Marquez
Treasurer:  Ryan Greenwood
Moderator:  Professor David Weber

Law Ambassadors

Law Ambassadors is a volunteer student organization that assists administration with admissions and alumni events. The purpose of the organization is to foster the environment both within and outside of the Creighton Law School community. The Law Ambassadors assist with law school tours, the annual alumni dinner, Call-A-Thon, Open House, Accepted Student Days, and Orientation. The organization is open to all law students. 

President:  Kraig Hamit
Vice President:  Megan Forst
Secretary:  Kimberly Utzig
Treasurer:  Kortnei Hoeft
3L Class Rep:  Yvonnda Summers
2L Class Rep:  Chino Betita
1L Class Reps:  Rosie Laughlin and SirWayne Wardlow
Tour Coordinator:  Augustine Osuala
Moderators:  Assistant Deans Julie Olson and Andrea Bashara

Law Review

Founded in 1967, The Creighton Law Review is a quaterly publication produced by the students of the Law Review.  While publishing the work of mature scholars as lead articles in each edition, the Creighton Law Review is primarily devoted to the presentation of material produced by students of the Creighton University School of Law. In accord with the Law Review tradition, membership on the student-edited publication affords the opportunity for intensive legal research and disciplined legal writing. Membership on the Law Review is determined by academic standing and a writing competition. Students may earn credit by writing for the Law Review and by serving on the staff. 

Editor-in-Chief:  Brittany J. Faulkner
Executive Editor:  Wendy Marie Brown
Research Editor:  Toby Hausner
Senior Lead Articles Editor:  Jordan Carlton
Lead Articles Editor:  Daniel Lam
Lead Articles Editor:  Brice Nengsu Kenfack
Lead Articles Editor:  Jose Rodriguez
Student Articles Editor:  Nicole Griffard
Student Articles Editor:  David Kennison
Student Articles Editor:  Gregory Ramirez
Moderator:  Professor Ronald Volkmer

Law School Democrats

Law School Democrats is an organization devoted to bringing professional students together to:
*discuss and shape the principles of the Democratic party;
*devise strategies for nominating and electing fit candidates for public office; and
*recruit men and women interested in keeping the two-party system healthy by vigorous debate and ethical campaigns.

The Law School Democrats have been successful in recruiting a core membership determined to inform their fellow members of the community of what America's oldest political party stands for in its third century of service to the nation. 

President:  Matt Aksamit
Vice President:  Mark Rowan
Secretary:  Mike Bosserdet
Treasurer:  Carlton Wiggam
Events Coordinator:  Molly Carmody
1L Outreach:  Scott Packer
1L Representative:  Jessica Nolan
Moderator:  Professor Nicholas Mirkay

Law School Republicans

The Law School Republicans ("LSR") is a Creighton University School of Law student organization dedicated to upholding and promoting the platform of the Republican Party. The purpose of the LSR shall be to facilitate political involvement, foster networking opportunities, and encourage community service while advancing the interests of the Republican Party. As a club affiliated with a Jesuit institution, the LSR also recognizes the importance of integrating a vision of the world that arises out of a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

President:  Patick Tarr
Vice President:  Anna Forman
Secretary:  Rachel Meyer
Treasurer:  Courtney Ruwe
Moderator:  Associate Dean Craig Dallon

Military Law Society

The Military Law Society is a student organization for those with prior military experience or future military ambitions.  Creighton Law School is home of numerous veterans, active duty service members, military family members, students who wish to pursue a life in the military service, and students who simply wish to show their support of our men and women in uniform.  Additionally, our school currently has four veterans who instruct classes.  The Military Law Society offers an opportunity for law students to work together, network with our legal community, and engage in volunteer events for service members and veterans. 

Commander: Mark Rowan
Vice Commander: Brittany Faulkner
Executive Officer: Darren Romriell
Moderator: Professor Sean Watts

Moot Court Board

Moot Court Board provides research and oral advocacy experience, intellectual challenge, and academic appreciation to its student members. The annual intramural Moot Court tournament, sponsored by the Board, is judged by members of the local bench and bar, law professors, and third year students. Board members are selected on the basis of performance in this tournament. Creighton teams compete in the National Moot Court Tournament sponsored by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York , the Pace University Environmental Moot Court Competition, The Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Moot Court Competition sponsored by the International Trademark Association and the Jessup International Moot Court Competition.

President:  Jimmie Pinkham
VPs of Judges:  Bryan Hiskey, Danny Leavitt
VP of Bailiffs:  Kimberly Utzig
VP of Logistics:  Yvonnda Summers
VP of Public Relations:  Josh Woolf
Executive Secretary:  William Bruce Wray
Problem Directors:  Dewey Kennison, Jennifer Kaminsky-Varon
Moderator:  Professor Carol Knoepfler

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta, the Sir Thomas More Chapter, was founded in 1950 by a group of concerned and dedicated Creighton law students. What followed was a union of students committed to excellence. Phi Alpha Delta is one of the largest international legal fraternities. P.A.D. is over 120,000 members strong and boasts of members holding positions at the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress, and the Executive Branch, as well as academic leaders, judges, and attorneys coast to coast and throughout the world. Membership is open to all law students, full and part-time, and P.A.D. has no specific grade or rank requirements. 

President:  Sarah Hart
Vice President:  Jason Thomas
Treasurer:  Kimberly Utzig
Marshall:  Carlton Wiggam
Clerk:  Megan Lutz-Priefert
Social Chair:  Justin Richardson
Alumni Chair:  Ajla Aljic
Community Service Chair: Katie Sellers
Moderator:  Professor G. Michael Fenner

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society Phi Delta Phi is the oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States, predating even the American Bar Association. It was founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan School of Law by four law students, who at the urging of their faculty, endeavored to create an association that would foster scholarship, civility, and ethical conduct in our profession. Since that time, Phi Delta Phi has grown beyond the borders of the United States to Canada, Latin America and Europe. Phi Delta Phi celebrates academic excellence and embraces the finest attributes of professionalism and scholarship. Since our founding, Phi Delta Phi has emphasized to students and lawyers alike the importance of our calling. Our active membership is drawn from those students of the law who not only have shown themselves companionable, but have manifested ability and industry in legal study.  Integrity, service, and excellence in all facets of human experience are considered factors for membership. In the words of our Phi Delta Phi forefathers, we intend that those so selected shall lead the legal profession. Once accepted, a member of Phi Delta Phi will be recognized as one whose moral compass, academic ability, and personal integrity is beyond reproach. In other words, membership is a mark of distinction.

President:  Christopher Klein
Vice President:  Jennifer Schuelke
Secretary:  Shivani Sharma
Treasurer:  Ashley Moore
Historian:  Kyla Ehrisman
Moderator:  Professor Carol Knoepfler

Public Interest Law Forum (PILF)

PILF promotes awareness within the legal community of the problems of the under-represented and works to serve the needs of the underprivileged within our community. PILF's aim is to foster an interest among law students and the legal community as a whole, resulting in the servicing of both the legal and non-legal needs of the under- represented. PILF is dedicated to the quest of justice for all and recognizes the need for an integrated vision of the world that acknowledges the commonality of humankind by promoting service of others and working to meet the needs of those lacking representation. PILF encourages and supports internships and careers in public interest and actively volunteers to assist in any possible phase of legal representation of those who would otherwise be unable to obtain remedies for violations of their rights. PILF provides a forum for the discussion of topics within the area of public interest and searches for the solutions and means to meet the needs of the under-represented. 

President:  Lilly Richardson-Severn
VPs for Social Events:  Rachele Somma, Kati Kilcoin 
VPs for Fundraising:  Kate Kennedy, Elly Gosar
PILF Week Coordinators:  Megan Lutz-Priefert, Patrick McGee
BarBri Liaison:  Kayla Wingard
Street Law Liaison: Hamed Emamzadeh
Secretary: Tom Hazen
Treasurer:  Luke Kluesner
Moderator:  Professor Palma Strand

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

SELS is open to any Creighton University law student, faculty member, or staff member, and its purpose is to educate and inform interested members of the law school community about legal issues in the area of sports and entertainment. The Society sponsors guest speakers and forums focusing on legal issues faced by attorneys and clients in the sports and entertainment areas. These issues potentially include organizational structure and dynamics, contract negotiations, labor disputes, agency relationships, protection of intellectual property rights and identity, antitrust problems, and free speech. The Society also sponsors activities rooted in its members' common interests in sports and entertainment. 

President:  Josh Means
VP Sports:  Katy Aden
VP Entertainment:  Rachele Somma
Secretary:  Brian Hiskey
Teasurer:  Connor Dillard
Moderator:  Professor David Weber

St. Thomas More Society

The St. Thomas More Society is a community of law students, faculty and staff striving to encourage those in our community to apply high moral and ethical standards, as exemplified by life of St. Thomas More, in their everyday lives and in their professional careers;  to provide a vibrant, faith community, consistent with Creighton's Jesuit identity, encouraging students to more fully integrate spirituality into every aspect of their lives; and to assist in the spiritual growth of the members of the law school community consistent with the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church.

President:  Dan Cummings
Vice President:  Ben Goins
Secretary:  Mary Norrie
Treasurer:  Mary Norrie
Moderator:  Professor Edward Morse

Student Bar Association (SBA)

SBA is the student government at the Law School. It is affiliated with the American Law Student Association sponsored by the American Bar Association. The SBA is administered by elected student officers and representatives. The purposes of the organization are: to make law students aware of the obligations and opportunities existing for lawyers through Bar Association activities; to promote a consciousness of professional responsibility; and to provide a forum for student activities. The association actively develops programs and social activities for the student body, including a golf tournament and luncheon programs.

President:  Steve Rupert
Vice President:  Kayla Wingard
Secretary:  Tom Hazen
Treasurer:  Yvonnda Summers
3L Reps:  Pedro Cisneros, Matt Cline
2L Reps:  Zach Kitchin, Natalie Sindelar 
1L Reps:  Nicholas Miller, Danielle Forsgren 
ABA Rep:  Stepen Waters
CSU Rep:  Hamed Emamzadeh, Kaylen Fleming, David Changstrom
Moderators:  Assistant Deans Julie Olson and Andrea Bashara

Student Innocence Project

The Student Innocence Project (SIPS) is a student organization that supports the Nebraska Innocence Project, and the national Innocence Project, in exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and criminal justice reform. Through our outreach and work with the Innocence Project network, it is our goal to rally the community in preventing future injustices.

President: Amanda Raver
Vice President: Lauren Micek
Secretary: Katie Powers
Treasurer: Scott Packer
Case Coordinator: Daneis Barber
Activities Coordinator: Chino Betita
Moderator: Professor Sean Watts

Women's Law Student Association (WLSA)

WLSA is an organization of both male and female students who have a concern for women's rights and issues. The Association sponsors a speaker forum on women's issues as well as social and other activities for its members and the Law School Community. 

President:  Kate Kennedy
Vice President:  Amy Garreans
Secretary:  Elly Gosar
Treasurer:  Stephanie Sang
Assistant Director of Membership Program:  Megan Lutz-Priefert
3L Rep:  Jennifer Kaminsky-Varon
2L Rep: Leanne Carberry 
Social Chair:  Megan Lutz-Priefert
Moderator:  Professor Palma Strand

Young Americans for Liberty

As Americans we recognize the natural rights of life, liberty, property and all others worthy of freemen and freewomen which were furiously defended by the Anti-Federalists. Our country was created to protect the freedoms of the individual, governed by the people, in the interest of creating the freest society ever known. We recognize that the society which is freest is best, and always the most just, for the only pursuit of a free society is the pursuit of happiness. This pursuit is engendered by the overlap of justice and liberty, the greatest modicum of equality humanity can expect, and the only justification for assent to government. 

President:  Cayle Halberg
Vice President:  Hassan Sheikh
Secretary:  Dan McMahon
3L Rep:  Keith Brady
1L Rep:  Nick Miller
Moderator:  Professor Edward Morse