The Lieben Center for Women is student-centered and seeks to engage in dialogue about women and gender within Creighton and the larger community by:

  • listening to and supporting students
  • educating through looking at the world with a critical lens
  • advocating for understanding and action


We aspire to serve all students by providing a voice for women and gender equity at Creighton.


  1. To provide a forum for dialogue and reflection around topics within women, gender, and society.
  2. Cultivate discernible skills to develop students as agents of change and provide experiential opportunities to practice these skills.
  3. Develop women's leadership skills and reflective practices.
  4. Expand student understanding of healthy interpersonal relationships.
  5. Support and facilitate opportunities for exploration of personal and professional development.
  6. Expand the sccope of the Lieben Center for Women.