Elect Her

Creighton hosted its first Elect Her seminar during the 2014-2015 academic year.  We had participants engaged with students and leaders in Nebraska. Women learned about defining their issues, writing their elevator speech, and discovering their networks. "Elect Her was a great forum to discuss women's issues on Creighton campus. It was refreshing and enlightening to hear of the successes and struggles of university women, and how we can use the tools and resources around us to overcome adversity" said Aditi Dinakar, class of 2018.

Dr. Senator Sue Crawford gave a speech to students about what it is like to be a female politician and why Creighton students should be inspired to run on campus and in the community.

Amanda McGill, former Nebraska State Senator and current District Director for Congressman Brad Ashford, spoke to students about running for the first time, being a female politician, what it is like to lose an election and what to do after your loss.

"Although my position as an executive member of CSU is appointed and not elected, Elect Her gave me the confidence and empowerment to shine in my everyday duties in order to best serve the student body," said Mattie Smyth, class of 2017.

In fall 2015, students returned to an Elect Her 2.0, a short seminar, unique to Creighton to inspire female students to run for Creighton Student Union President and Vice President.