Women In Business

Elect Her

Women in Business: Beth Engel

On October 8th, the Lieben Center for Women and Heider Business Senate co-hosted an event entitled "Women in Business." Both groups wish to help elevate women's voices in business and help Creighton students be exposed to different perspectives. Our speaker was Ms. Beth Engel, a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Dundee Venture Capital. She holds extensive experience in business, teaching, and she also served the FBI.

Feminism and Islam

On October 5th, the Lieben Center for Women hosted Feminism and Islam. The event included screening of "I Wasn't Always Dressed Like This"- a documentary in which three hijabi women reflect on their identity, self-censorship, feminism, politics and media. We also had female Muslim students share their experiences and took questions after the screening. Furthermore, we had a live Q&A through Skype with the Director of the movie in London. Our co-sponsors for this event were the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Muslim Student Association.

Seminar Advocates to "Elect Her"

On September 22nd, the Lieben Center for Women conducted its second Elect Her seminar. The Elect Her seminar was an adaptation from the American Association of University Women's Running Start Elect Her that seeks to empower women and give them tips and advice on how to run and campaign for different government positions. This way, there can be a more even distribution of males and females in school governments.