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Master of Science

Master of Science in Educational Leadership (with a focus of School Community Leadership)

This degree is for candidates who hold an elementary or secondary teaching certificate. The 36 hour, two-year program in School Community Leadership is designed for teachers who want to assume leadership roles within their schools. Students complete 18 hours of core courses and 18 hours of elective courses. The  electives offered allows students to explore a wide variety of topics, including school administration, Catholic education, counseling and special education. Study within specific elective areas may allow students the opportunity to earn additional certification.

Those interested in obtaining an administrative certificate while pursuing the M.S. in Educational Leadership may opt to participate in a three-year program of study within Educational Leadership that includes certification in elementary or secondary school administration.  Candidates for this special track will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

For more information, please visit the Educational Leadership website or ask one of the Magis directors.

Master of Science in Counseling

Counselor Education at Creighton is designed to meet the needs, at the master's level, of those interested in various counseling roles and student development services (student personnel).  As such, the program is divided into areas of specialization designed to develop the competencies demanded.

Such individuals usually are employed by school systems employment services, colleges or community agencies.  To be employed in a school system, a counselor must be certified by a state department of education.  In many states, counselor certification demands a teaching certificate and evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience. The MS in Counseling is a 3-year program, which includes an internship year. Teachers who choose this track are responsible for additional costs in their third year, as Magis is only a two-year commitment.

For more information, please visit the Counselor Education website or contact one of the Magis directors.

Magis is a member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE). This consortium seeks to establish and support a growing cadre of colleges and universities as they design and implement graduate teaching service programs. If the Magis program does not meet your specific needs or interests, please consider applying for one of the other 14 UCCE member programs.