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Spring 2023 Seminar Series

 To schedule a seminar for an open date, please contact our seminar coordinator, Dr. Brian

All seminars are held on Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. either in-person or on Zoom.

Room to be determined based on availability.

01/12/2023Jinkyung Kim (Stanford Univ.) – In Person
01/19/2023Niti Kumari (Y4, Postdoctoral Fellow, CU, Dr. North Lab) – In person
01/26/2023Dr. Aishwarya Prakash (Associate Professor, Univ. of So. Alabama) – In Person
02/02/2023Dr. Chris Amos (Professor, Baylor College of Medicine) – In Person
02/09/2023Renju Pun (Y4, PhD candidate) – In person
02/16/2023ARO WINTER MEETING WEEK – No Seminar
02/23/2023Dr. Robert Smith (Professor, Univ. of Toledo) – In Person
03/02/2023Jonathan Fleegel (Y3, MD/PhD candidate) – In person
03/09/2023Surabhi Shukla (THC)
03/16/2023Yusi Fu (Creighton U, Faculty candidate)
03/23/2023Dr. Lisa Nolan -Zoom
03/30/2023Dr. Rachel Willand-Charnley (Prof., So. Dakota St. Univ.)
04/06/2023Dr. Marlan Hansen (Professor, University of Iowa) – In person
04/13/2023Faculty Meeting (No Seminar)
04/20/2023Dr. Rene Vielman Quevedo (Y3, Postdoctoral fellow) - In person
04/27/2023Dr. Judy Dubno – In person
05/04/2023Rachel Johnson (Y4, PhD candidate) – In person
05/11/2023Dr. Sharon Kujawa (Professor, Harvard University, MEE) – In person

Symposium Preparation (No Seminar)


Dr. Kaitlin Dailey (UNMC) – In person

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