I'm very excited to start my first year as a retreat coordinator in Creighton Campus Ministry. I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yes! Where Pope Francis is from! We even had first communion in the same church! There I got my BA in English culture and Language and my teaching certificate in English as a second language. I worked as a teacher for a few years and I became interested in mission work and in spirituality. This led me to study theology and philosophy and to explore a vocation to religious life in an order that follows Ignatian spirituality. Although I realized religious life was not my calling my interest in Ignatian spirituality, theology, and ministry remained very strong.


In 1999 I came to the US permanently. I got my MA in Theology at Boston College where I had the fortune to study under great professors and meeting great friends including my husband, Richard Miller.  After graduation I worked as co director of campus ministry at Boston University for the school year of 2001-2002. In August of 2002 our first son was born and I left my job to focus on raising him. We came to Omaha in 2005 when my husband started teaching in the theology department at Creighton. At that point we had two boys (Sebastian and Alexander) and our third one (Dominic) was born in Omaha in 2009. This year he is starting full time pre-school and I am very blessed to be able to go back to work in the field that I love which is ministry and Ignatian spirituality.


I'm also the director of religious education at St John's Parish, which I enjoy immensely. I'm a big soccer fan (football for me). Our three boys play soccer and we follow Argentine and European soccer and we have season tickets to Creighton soccer. Big fans!!! I also love the outdoors, traveling, music and theatre, and good food shared with good friends!




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