Justice Walking is a comprehensive, faith-based and service-focused program inviting students to go deeper in their faith lives and explore social justice through experience, education, and reflective understanding. Students do not have to embrace a particular faith perspective to participate in the program, but should be open to faith as a critical component for just living.

Weekly service work and regular community reflection allow Justice Walking participants to engage in reflective thought and action on the issues surrounding human dignity: 

  • How do we understand human dignity issues? What do these issues have to do with us?
  • What are the socioeconomic, political and religious factors operating in our awareness and concern for the dignity of all people?  
  • How can we advocate for basic human dignity? 
  • What impact does our Justice Walking journey have on our spiritual and vocational discernment?
  • How can our service work, relationships with others, and shared experiences as a Justice Walking community challenge us to lead active faith lives that seek greater justice?

Justice Walking Mission and Pillars

2016-2017 Application and Program Components

Questions? Contact Justice Walking Staff Coordinator, Beth Samson.

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