Justice Walking is a program through Campus Ministry designed for students to come together to explore and share their faith in relation to a specific issue of social injustice. Through service, education, immersion and faith sharing we hope students grow in understanding of how our faith relates to these issues and enabling us to live our universal responsibility for and with the world's marginalized. It will offer an experience for conversion of hearts and minds with students challenging each other to see these issues of justice and faith with a more Christ-like vision. We envision a group that strengthens each other to go outside their comfort-zone in new ways and to see life from a new perspective.


While participating in the Justice Walking program, students will serve every Monday evening at a local hospice agency.  This will be done with other members of the J-Walking community and is a critical component of the year.  It provides students the opportunity to do the "walking" aspect of their faith-- that is to say the chance to live a faith that does action, and to be men and women for and with others.

Another critical aspect of service and spiritual life is to remain educated about the social realities in which one lives and serves. We believe that it is through understanding the complexities of an issue that one is able to begin to work toward a better future. Participants will therefore be asked to read very brief writings from Catholic Social Teaching, Encyclicals, religious writers, and other experts in their perspective fields. It is the hope of the program that such education will not only assist the participants in service and in prayer, but that it will also be a catalyst for further exploration and a subject of conversation during faith sharing.


Students will have the chances to immerse themselves in various environments of the Omaha Community as well as experience an extended service immersion trip during fall break.  By being immersed in these environments, we hope students will cultivate reflection and create compassionate responses.  These experiences allow the participants to leave Creighton and to cross borders into different realities which will hopefully provide them with new perspectives by which they may think, grow, and be in new ways.

Faith Sharing
At the heart of the program following weekly service is a faith sharing and prayer time.  We believe that this sharing is necessary to build community and provide the opportunity to truly become contemplatives in action.  Students will reflect not only on the service, but also on the education and immersion components of Justice Walking, enriching their experience and urging them toward a fuller life of faith and service.

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