Mission Statement

Creighton University exists to educate its students with a view to their intellectual expansion, social adequacy, physical development, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual enrichment. Service to others, the importance of family life, the inalienable worth of the individual and appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity are core values of Creighton.



The ILAC Center in the Dominican Republic is an international, Catholic, Ignatian-inspired, collaborative health care and educational organization that exists to promote the integral well-being and spiritual growth of all participants.  It is built upon the values of Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). 

Ignatian Values


  • Seeking and finding God in all things
  • Personal care for the whole person (Cura Personalis)
  • Discerning what is the best choice to better serve the Lord
  • Becoming men and women for and with others
  • Seeking faith that does justice for all, especially the poor and marginalized

All of Creighton's ILAC programs emphasize the importance of global vision and understanding in the process of educating well-rounded individuals. To this end it offers dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, law, physical therapy and occupational therapy, undergraduate and high school students, and also to faculty-led groups, medical/surgical teams and other colleges the opportunity for service-learning and immersion experiences in the rural Dominican Republic.


The ILAC Center in the Dominican Republic is housed at "La Mision" located 7.5 kilometers outside Santiago. Located in the second largest city of the Dominican Republic, the ILAC Center provides numerous opportunities for students and professionals to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.