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Creighton University has a long history in the Dominican Republic through the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) and the Encuentro Dominicano Program. From its earliest inception, Creighton’s fundamental purpose has been to facilitate the development of a critical consciousness of participants by exposing them to the realities of people living in developing countries.  Such exposure is accomplished within a distinctly Ignatian perspective consistent with the University’s Catholic mission and call to critically reflect upon the Gospel message of peace and reconciliation, and thus help make the world a more humane place for all our brothers and sisters. 

Therefore, ILAC and the Encuentro Dominicano Program, in partnership with the Centro de Educación para la Salud Integral (CESI), share the vocation to be instruments for the promotion of faith, of which justice is an essential element.

Ignatian Values

  • Seeking and finding God in all things
  • Personal care for the whole person (Cura Personalis)
  • Discerning what is the best choice to better serve the Lord
  • Becoming men and women for and with others
  • Seeking faith that does justice for all, especially the poor and marginalized

All of Creighton's ILAC programs emphasize the importance of global vision and understanding in the process of educating well-rounded individuals. To this end it offers dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, law, physical therapy and occupational therapy, undergraduate and high school students, and also to faculty-led groups, medical/surgical teams and other colleges the opportunity for service-learning and immersion experiences in the rural Dominican Republic.

Learning Outcomes 

Our objective is for our programs to foster greater understanding and incorporation of Ignatian Values into our participants' lives.  We want our participants to learn to live in solidarity with others and to respect diversity.