St Johns

Handicapped Parking For St. John's Church

Interested in registering as a parishioner of St. John's. Please email and request a registration form.

"Christ asks us to build His temple, His body.
We build it not with costly stones
or sentiment that will fade.
We build it with a commitment to those around us"

Rev. Patrick Malone, S.J.
Pastor of St. John's.

Thank you to all our parishioners. This elevator is dedicated to all of you. thank you for your generosity, care and love for others and those in need; for your patience during construction; and for your dedication to St. John's.

Elevator Dedication and Blessing
5:00 p.m. Mass Saturday
January 31, 2015

At the other parish Masses that weekend there will be a simple blessing.

Please Note: Handicapped Parking for the Con Agra lot will open after February 3rd.