Prayer for St. John's Church

Gracious God,
through Jesus you taught your faithful to build on solid rock. 
Let all who enter find a Sabbath from worries and fears,
so that prayer and affection never be strangers in this church. 
Grant that those who come to this door grow in respect and compassion. 
May we listen with attentiveness,
receive with gratitude, serve with humility. 

Let the faith and sacrifice of those gone before us
inspire us to leave legacies of kindness. 
May this church be a place that heals wounds,
challenges minds, and sets hearts on fire for greater glory. 
Let your radiance stream through these walls and with our deeds,
so we treat all creation as holy ground. 

May the Word of God be proclaimed with clarity and boldness. 
May the Real Presence go forth
through actions of generosity, selflessness, and trust. 
Send us, saints and sinners, out from this house of God
with mission and awe. 
May we leave with resolve
to make this world reflect an image of love,
as we become builders of a kingdom
grounded in gratitude and reverence.

With the zeal of St Ignatius,
and through the intercession of St. John,
we ask this in Jesus' name.