Parents wishing to have their child baptized at St. John's are encouraged to celebrate the Baptism with a regularly schedule Sunday Liturgy after suitable preparation of the parents has taken place. Non-parishioners wishing to have a child baptized at St. John's are asked to present a letter from their parish pastor granting permission for the Baptism to take place at St. John's. Parents are responsible for contacting a priest to conduct baptismal instructions and perform the Baptism. For more information and scheduling please contact  the  parish office at 402-280-3031


Instructions are given for children during our regular school year catechism classes on Sundays.

ADULT Baptism-First Eucharist-Confirmation
Adults wishing to be baptized, confirmed, or received into full communion with the Catholic Church are invited to participate in our RCIA process. Please contact Tom Everson at

A preparation for Catholic Creighton students wishing to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation during the second semester of the academic year.  Confirmation for these students will be celebrated during the Easter Vigil or sometime during the Easter Season. 

Person(s) registered with the parish for six months, current full-tine students full-time faculty or staff, Creighton University graduates,  sons & daughters or alumni may schedule weddings at St. John's Church. The couple will be asked to contact a priest to officiate the wedding and coordinate their marriage preparation. Questions about scheduling weddings at St. John's contact Kathleen Denne 402-280-2975