The Cause

The Cause

Creighton University operates one of the oldest and most comprehensive research facilities in the world for the study, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Despite an impressive international presence in the field dating back to the 1960s, the center faces:

A decline in recent years of grant support available from the National Institutes of Health. We need your help to continue our work and keep Creighton competitive in this era of decreased federal funding for research. A lack of local awareness of and pride in the groundbreaking clinical treatments and research discoveries in the field of osteoporosis occurring right here in Omaha. A lack of public understanding of the serious nature of this debilitating disease

The sobering truth is that osteoporotic fractures strike 1.5 million American women annually, as well as 375,000 men. For women, osteoporotic breaks occur more often than the incidence of breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke combined. If a man has a hip fracture, he is more likely to die than a woman.

We hope we can count on you for support during the 3rd year of our event!

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