Seek Balance - Social, Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual

Seek Balance - Social, Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual

An important factor in the learning process is for your overall wellness. Wellness means taking care of your social, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. If you feel good socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually, then it is easier to learn.  The stress of life is more easily managed if you maintain balance in your life. These components are all integrated and influence each other.  Many times it is difficult to control the events in your world, but you can control your response.

Social Wellbeing Tips

 Hang out with people who have positive attitudes.

 Get involved with your residence hall floor activities.
 Get involved with university activities and attend campus events.
 Find people who share similar interests with you.
 Ask someone to study with you.
 Put a smile on your face and be positive.
 See the best in people.
 Never leave a party alone.
 Know that alcohol/drugs affect your judgment.
 Know that alcohol/drugs can influence your to make unsafe/unhealthy decisions which can result in physical injury and/or unsafe sexual behavior.
 Find people who will eat meals with you.
 Trust only those who deserve your trust.

Emotional Wellbeing

 Wake up and go to sleep at the same time daily during the week.  You will feel in control of your day.
 Avoid procrastination- it stresses you.
 Talk to your friends if you need support.
 Your R.A. (resident assistant) is there to help you.  Seek his or her help if necessary.
 Realize it is normal to feel isolated, lonely, and sad.
 Eat foods rich in Omega –3 fatty acids when you are feeling sad because some evidence suggests that Omega- 3 fatty acids may help ease depressive symptoms  (some Omega-3 foods: salmon, herring, sardines, and tuna).
 Find humor in situations.
 Do volunteer work every semester.  (This is the best way to feel “good”).
 Take care of your spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social bodies and you will feel more emotionally balanced.
 Express gratitude to those around you.
 Do something every semester to enhance your resume.
 Contact the Center for Health and Counseling if you need someone to help you deal with life.  The service is free.  The number is 402-280-2733

Physical Wellbeing

 Exercise aerobically three- five times a week. Check out the Department of Campus Recreation, Kiewit Fitness Center telephone number 402-280-2848, or the FitNest in the Harper Center telephone number 402-3575.
 Do strength conditioning.
 If you feel lonely, frustrated, or stressed go for a walk or run.
 Find an exercise partner.
 Get enough rest, about eight hours of sleep nightly.
 Investigate club or intramural sports (Campus Recreation)
 Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
 Eat breakfast daily.
 Eat nutritious foods (fruits, vegetables, lean meats).
 Wash your hands often and always before you eat.
 Know the Center for Health and Counseling location- Harper Center 1034 (ground floor). The telephone number is 402-280-2735.
 Lock your doors.
 Always be aware of your surroundings.
 Know the Public Safety emergency telephone number, 402-280-2911.  The non- emergency number is 402-280-2104.
 Call Public Safety if you are alone walking on campus at night.
 Remember you are a minor.
 Never get in a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking
  Always wear your seat belt.
  Act prudently.

Spiritual Wellbeing

 Be grateful for all your gifts (material and nonmaterial)
 Be aware of your intuition and listen to it.
 Find people who share your sense of morality.
 Ask for help when you need it.
  Attend a service or ceremony to enhance your spirituality/faith.
 Check out events and activities sponsored by the Native American Learning Community.
 Find someone to attend these events with you.
 Remember to meditate or pray.
 Be kind to at least one person every day.
 Share your talents and gifts- be a person with and for others.

For More Assistance...

This information is brought to you by the Center for Student Success and Retention.  For more assistance, contact the Center for Student Success and Retention at 402.280.5566