Native American Association (NAA)

NAA - Native American Association

Mission Statement for NAA

The Creighton University Native American Association (NAA) enhances, supports, and maintains the Native American culture within the Creighton community.  Our goals are to enhance communication and diversity between Native American and non-Native American students at Creighton and members of the surrounding community, and incorporate cultural values into our educational experience.  The Association fosters fellowship and serves as a supportive foundation for students.  We encourage all students at Creighton University to join the NAA and invite the community to participate in our events.


NAA Office

The Native American Association (NAA) office is in the Student Cultural Center, Office of Multicultural Affairs in Harper Center suite #1001.  NAA Executives have their organizations' office, executive meetings, and group meetings in this space.  

NAA Contact Information

President: Margaret O'Connor, email:



The Native American Association (NAA) is on Facebook...come join us!  Click on the link below!