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A Beautiful Community

An Omaha NeighborhoodOmaha and the surrounding suburbs form a metropolitan community of approximately one million people. The community is clean and every part is easily accessible. It is rare for anyone to have to drive more than 20 minutes to get to work. Crime is below the national average and crime rates continue to fall. The cost of living in Omaha is below the national average, particularly in real estate, utility and food costs.

Housing of all types is readily available and the options range from renovated downtown loft apartments to brand new condominiums in a lakeside gated community. Average rents are less than those of other major metropolitan areas.

Education is an Omaha forte, with its public school system consistently ranking in the top ten percent nationwide. Schools are known for low student to teacher ratio and most people are happy to have their children attend public school. Apart from this, Omaha is home to two nationally known universities, four private colleges, two community colleges, two medical schools, two pharmacy schools, one dental school, one law school and five nursing schools.

Omaha's location on the west bank of the Missouri River in eastern Nebraska gives it a climate typical of the Great Plains. Most newcomers, however, comment that the amount of snow is less than they anticipated and that sunny days are well distributed throughout the year. Winters are cold and dry, summers are warm and annual rainfall is at the national average. Springs and autumns are beautiful.

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