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Thursday, July 9, 2009
 Block I

What’s Your Passion? Inspiring Social Justice Activism on Your Campus
Tabitha Smith—Loyola University, Chicago

What Hat Should You Wear Today?
Katie Wadas, Allison Taylor, Sabrina Vasa—Creighton University

Balance: A Sense of Reflection in Action
Megan Siemers—Fordham University

Eric Immel—Creighton University

Managing Large Student Organizations
Mark Micelli and Alex Hirs—Boston College

The Town and Gown Relationship: Building Partnerships with Your Surrounding Community
Tanya Winegard and Wayne Young, Jr.—Creighton University

Thursday, July 9, 2009
 Block II

Building the Team: How to Make the Right Selections
applicationform    constitution   roles and responsibilities
Jeffrey Seiser and Elissa Carroll—Fairfield University

Just Language: More than Politically Correct
Ariell Watson—Loyola University, Maryland

Leveraging Your Leadership Experiences for Career Development
Jim Bretl—Creighton University

Mission Minded Programming
Dino Entac and Jennifer Novotny—Loyola Marymount University

What’s the Big I.D.E.A.? Creighton University’s Multicultural Competency in Action
Sara Carter, MacGarret Becker and Brenda Hollman—Creighton University

Thursday, July 9, 2009
 Block III

Setting Outcomes For and Developing Interactive Training for Student Leaders
Dusten Crichton—Creighton University

Programming: Success is in the details
True Colors handout
Monet Schrodermier and Catherine Dinkins—Creighton University

Free Grilled Cheese! A Guide to Reaching Students through Alternative Programming
MacGarret Becker and Eric Immel—Creighton University

Why the Jesuits have it Right: An RA’s Guide to Cura Personalis
Shea Sennett—College of the Holy Cross

Communication, Conflict and Leadership
Sara Carter and Kevin Elliott—Creighton University

Friday, July 10, 2009
 Block IV

Roundtable—Hot Topics in Student Affairs
Tanya Winegard—Creighton University

Effective and Efficient Programming
Erin Shawgo—Marquette University

Professionalism: Leading Outside the University
Anne Skinner—Rockhurst University

Visions for the Future: Strategic Planning for Your Organization
Caroline Whelan and Michael Trerotola—Fordham University

The Bidding Process: How to submit a winning bid for NJSLC
Dillon Miskimins and Jenna Rae Vercillo—Creighton University

An Advisor’s Prospective—Bidding and Hosting NJSLC
Michele Starzyk and Katelyn Whitty—Creighton University

Friday, July 10, 2009
 Block V

Brand Boot Camp
Kate Grubb Clark and Patrick DePuydt—Loyola College, Maryland

Making Who You Are, What You Do
Kate Linden, Eric Immel, Eric Yarwood and Jenna Rae Vercillo—Creighton University

Smart Activism: Using Community Organization Models on your Campus
Lorraine Cuddeback—Ignatian Solidarity Network

Fostering Empathetic Relationships with Residents and Students
Alexander Trout and Sandra Manley—Loyola University, Chicago

Healthy Lifestyle
Steve Woita, Creighton University

StrengthsQuest for Students
Tom Matson, Gallup University

StrengthsQuest for Staff
Larry Braskamp, Gallup University

Friday, July 10, 2009
 Block VI

Council: A New Way to Communicate in Groups
Tim Love—Loyola University, Chicago

Hot Topics in Student Leadership
Katelyn Whitty—Creighton University

Mission Possible!
Eric Immel—Creighton University

Time and Life Management
MacGarret Becker and Joe Bezousek—Creighton University

Successful Financial Management
Dawn Jensen-Creighton University

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