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NRHH National Website - For Registered Users

To see Descriptions of Of The Month Categories see HERE! NRHH Categories are:

  • Advisor
  • Residential Community
  • Community Service Program
  • Desk Attendant
  • Diversity Program
  • Educational Program
  • Executive Board Member
  • Faculty/Staff
  • First Year Student
  • Organization
  • Resident Assistant
  • Social Program
  • Spotlight
  • Student

What is an Of the Month (OTM) Nomination?

An Of the Month or OTM nomination is where students, faculty, staff and programs can be recognized for  enhancing student life in the residence halls and on campus as a whole. 

 How do I write an OTM?

Go to link above, and it will take you to the national OTM website.  On the top left are the options for General Nomination and Program Nomination.  General Nominations focus on anything that is not a program, for example an advisor, desk assistant, student, or community.   Program Nominations are for just that: programs.  Once clicking General or Program Nomination, select Creighton University and then fill out the form!

 What are important things to remember?

  • Make sure to put the nomination in the correct category.
  • When writing a nomination, try to hit the maximum word count.  Use lots of descriptions, and leave the reader with no questions.  Make it so that the reader feels like they know this person very well.
  • Try to use correct grammar.

When are OTM's Due?

OTM's are due by midnight on the first of the following month.  For example, the OTM's for the month of October are due on November 1st. 

When will the results be posted?

Campus Winners will be announced during the first week of every month.

 Thank you for your nomination!!!