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Master's or DNP


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Master's Program:
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DNP Program:
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Application Fee



Transcripts Required

Official high school transcripts

Required from every university and college attended Baccalaureate degree required

International Transcripts must be evaluated by WES.

All official transcripts
from all colleges. Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nursing from a NLN or CCNE accredited college/university

SAT/ACT Scores

At least one required. Recommend ACT score of at least 22 (or 1020-1050 SAT score)


NO GRE Required



Baccalaureate Degree from an acreditted institution with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale

Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale

Prerequisite Courses

Recommend high school course in Biology. High school Chemistry or equivalent required

Preferred that all prerequisites be completed with all A's (4.0) and B's (3.0) Required they be completed with a C (2.0) or above.

Beginning January 2015, the following two additional prerequisite courses will also be required. 3 semester hours of:

~Theology/Religion course

3 semester hours each of:
~intro to sociology
~general psychology
~developmental psychology

2-3 semester hours of:

4 semester hours of:
~Inorganic/General   Chemistry
~Organic/Bio Chemistry

*Science credits earned over 10 years ago will be individually evaluated.

**Important Note: Student files will be considered after they have completed one of the following course sequences:

a) Two Chemistry courses and either Anatomy or Physiology


b) Anatomy and Physiology and one Chemistry course

Successful completion of:
~Undergraduate   Statistics course
~Physical Assessment course or equivalent.

Personal Statement

Required for all Nursing programs (See Application)

Applicants must submit a letter that includes ALL of the information listed here


A. Reason for selecting Nursing.


B. A statement of long-term plans or goals.


C. Describe something you have learned about yourself through your involvement in one particular activity, why it is meaningful to you, and how you have developed/enhanced specific skills. 


D. Nurses are consistently rated very high by the public for honesty and ethical standards. Describe a siutation or dilemma you encountered in which you were concerned or uncomfortable about the actions or behaviors of a person or groups. What (if anything) would you do differently and why? 


E. The Accelerated Curriculum Nursing program is intense. Please include a statement addressing how you plan to handle the demands of this fast-paced, academically rigorous program as well as your outside responsibilities during this one-year program of study. Please consider that practicum courses contain a ratio of three (3) clock hours to one (1) credit hour (i.e. Theory classes may take 12-13 hours and practicum courses may add another 18-21 hours per week, accounting for a total of 34 clock hours). This computation does not take into account how long it may take a student to prepare for lab or participate in class activities such as test review.


F. Provide evidence of potential and motivation for nursing and success in this academically rigorous program. Favorable consideration will be given to those students carrying challenging academic loads (e.g., 15+ hours/semester). Provide a rationale if a full load of classes was not taken each semester.

G. Address any D's, F's, or W's or other discrepancies on your transcripts.

Required for all Nursing programs (See Application)

MSN  Personal Essay:

Short-term goals

Long-term goals



DNP  Personal Essay:

1.  Short and long term educational and professional goals; how earning the DNP degree will aid in reaching those goals.

2.  Practice problem encountered and a description of the applicant?s role in effecting change to alleviate or correct the problem.

Additional for Post-Master's to DNP:
3.  Applicant's focused area of interest for the evidence-based QI project and description of one outcome the applicant would like to address

Address any C's D's, F's, or W's or other discrepancies on your transcripts.

Transfer Credits

The University will evaluate all hours submitted by the transfer applicant and reserves the right to accept or deny any of the credits offered for transfer. Credit hours earned with grades of "C-" or better at an accredited institution of higher education prior to admission to Creighton University may be transferred at the discretion of the respective College.

Credit hours are transferred, but not quality points or grades. The quality point average of the transfer student will be determined only by work done at Creighton.

Transfer credit hours accepted towards a Master's degree will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Safety & Technical Standards

Applicants complete the Safety & Technical Standards forms and procedures following academic admission.

Letters of Recommendation

Undergrad admissions application

Three recommendation/ appraisal forms to be completed.

You will need to submit at least three recommendation/appraisal forms:

      One must be from someone in your academics - preferably an instructor.

       One must be from an employer. If you have never been employed, a supervisor or director of volunteer work will be accepted.

      The third form may be from another instructor, another employer, or a professional colleague.


No forms will be accepted from family members, friends, or friends of your family.

You may want to confirm with your references that they will be able to answer the questions on the form. A few "Unable to judge" responses will require an additional reference.


Three recommendation/ appraisal forms from persons addressing applicant's current & potential competency in nursing & academic potential. One recommendation must be from an employer/supervisor.

Baccalaureate nursing students applying during their last semester of undergraduate education will be required to have a recommendation from a recent clinical instructor and/or preceptor.

The forms attached to the application must be submitted, a letter will not satisfy the admission requirement.

Application Deadlines

Application may be made anytime after junior year in high school but not later than one month prior to the opening of a term.

Application acceptance is on a rolling basis.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Application materials must be received by the following dates to begin in the desired semester:

Spring start - all documents must be received no later than November 15.

Summer start - all documents must be received no later than April 15.

Fall start - all documents must be received no later than June 15.

International Students

General Information for International Students

Higher TOEFL scores required

Higher TOEFL scores required



Evidence of ability to successfully complete a rigorous academic load

A current, Unencumbered, RN license with NE eligibility. 
2000 hours of professional nursing work experience in direct patient care prior to enrollment in clinical courses.
2000 hours of direct care in level III NICU prior to enrollment in clinical neonatal courses. 
2000 hours of direct care in pediatrics prior to enrollment in clinical courses for those entering into a pediatric track.

Post-Master's to DNP students:

All applicants to the Post-Master's to DNP Program must have verification of the clinical/practicum hours completed in their master's/certificate program. 

Verification of hours can be accomplished one of these ways:

1. The clinical/practicum hours completed in the master's program are clearly identified on the transcript.
2. Syllabi for the clinical/practicum courses are submitted and the clinical/practicum hours are identified.
3. A letter from an official from the institution where the master's degree was granted verifying the clinical/practicum hours.

*The completion of each of the following sciences with a "C" grade or better is required prior to consideration of any application: Anatomy, Physiology and one Chemistry course OR both Chemistry and (1) Anatomy or Physiology course

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