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Are the MSN and DNP programs online?

Our graduate curriculum offers a hybrid of online and campus based courses. The amount of required visits to campus is dependent upon the specific track you choose. All tracks will have semesters that can be completed online, with some having only 3 visits to campus throughout the entire program. Other tracks require anywhere from 1-4 campus visits per semester once you begin clinical courses. Semesters with nonclinical courses can be completed online.  *Please note that distance clinical availability can vary based on state regulations.

What is the difference between the MSN and DNP?

The changing demands of this nation's complex health care environment require the advanced level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise to assure high quality patient outcomes. The DNP is the highest level of preparation for clinical practice. The DNP is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice, and offers an alternative to research-focused doctoral programs. The DNP is a professional doctorate. You will complete six additional courses and double the clinical hours above those completing an MSN.

When is the application deadline? / What is rolling admission?

Creighton College of Nursing admits students into the MSN and DNP program on a rolling basis. This means that as soon as an application is complete, it is reviewed by our admissions committee, which meets about once a month. Applications must be considered by the last committee meeting prior to the beginning of each semester. Therefore, the deadlines to complete an application are:

Fall start: June 15
Spring start: November 15
Summer start: April 15

When should I apply?

Admissions decisions are made quickly, and you are welcome to submit an application at any time for any semester start within the year. We do not currently experience space issues for our graduate programs so we are able to accept all qualified applicants if they have a completed application by the deadlines posted above.

Do I have to have my BSN degree and RN license before I can apply to the program?

We do accept new graduates into our MSN and DNP program. Acceptance to the program can be given conditionally upon completing a BSN degree prior to beginning the program and obtaining an RN license. You are able to begin the program prior to receiving your RN license, but should be working to obtain it as soon as possible. You are also required to complete 2000 hours of direct patient care as an RN prior to taking any clinical coursework. You are able to begin the program prior to having these hours completed, but must be working toward completing them or you will not be able to progress with your intended plan of study.

What if my GPA is below a 3.0?

We do prefer a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.0 however we do review all complete applications and weigh acceptance on every aspect of the application which includes the personal statement and recommendation forms. We calculate a cumulative GPA of all of your previous undergraduate coursework. While we do consider all applications, a GPA below a 3.0 may be grounds for a decline.

What financial aid is available?

You will complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for federal aid. The College of Nursing does offer need-based and endowed scholarships once you are a student here, but is not awarded upon acceptance into the program. You are welcome to contact Creighton's Financial Aid Office with further questions at 402-280-2731.

Do I need letters of recommendation?

We require the completion of three recommendation forms which we provide. We need one recommendation from a nursing employer or supervisor, and the rest can be your choice, however we do not accept family or friend recommendations. We will accept actual letters of recommendation only as supporitng documentation. For new BSN graduates who do not have a current nursing employer, we will accept clinical instructor or preceptor recommendations in place of that requirement and strongly recommend submitting academic references for the other two recommendations required.

Should I apply through NursingCAS?

You are not required to submit an application through NursingCAS, however, if you are required to use the system for another school, you are welcome to designate Creighton as well. We will accept your transcripts as official and your recommendations. However, we also require a supplemental application that can be completed through the College of Nursing's website to include more specific information, as well as a more in-depth personal statement.

My previous degree is from Creighton University. Do I still need to request those transcripts to be sent?

Yes. Your transcripts are your personal property and the Registrar's office will not release those to anyone without your permission.

Where should I have my transcripts mailed?

All transcripts and application materials can be mailed to:

Jeanette McFarlane
Creighton College of Nursing
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

If your college or university sends electronic transcripts, they can be emailed to

Creighton University College of Nursing • 2500 California Plaza • Omaha NE • 68178 • 402-280-2000 • 800-544-5071
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