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The nurse education course can be pursued in conjunction with either the nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist options. The education courses are designed to provide nurses with the curriculum and instruction knowledge and skills necessary to function as faculty or staff development educators.  Courses in curriculum, instruction, and educational evaluation are available to graduate students regardless of their specific track. The education courses are based on graduate level competencies, rather than baccalaureate level competencies.

Nurse Education Course Courses


Course Name Prereqs Prereqs
Coreqs Credit Hours Semester(s) Regularly Offered
NUR 631 Principles of Learning & Instruction       3 Fall
NUR 635 Educational Evaluation NUR 631     3 Spring
NUR 638 Practicum in Community-Based Teaching-Learning NUR 635     3 Spring


Grand Total





To best serve our students, we regularly explore specialty courses and populations for special emphasis in the graduate curriculum.  Plans of study are intended to provide you with a typical curriculum.  The curriculum is subject to change.

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