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Letter from the Assistant Dean for Medical Admissions

Choosing Nursing as a Major for Premedical Study

Until recently, nearly all pre med students majored in Biology or Chemistry.  More often, studies are showing that students' majors are much more diverse.

In choosing a major, the rule is to follow your own interests.  Ideally, the major should be one that will support an alternate career.   Nursing is an ideal major to consider, in that, the reasons for wanting to become a nurse are also valid for the study of medicine. 

Nurses who achieve a bachelor's degree take challenging curriculum in the arts and sciences as well as courses that prepare one for patient care. They emerge not only as professionals in one of the caring, healing arts, but also as practitioners of a profession that has a strong foundation in the sciences.

Do nurses make good doctors? The answer is many times, yes, just as it is true that many biology, chemistry or even philosophy majors make good doctors. Becoming a physician requires the proper motivation, humanity, empathy, compassion, a solid work ethic, effective time management skills, a good intellect, all proved through four years of superb academic achievement.

I encourage you to keep nursing in mind as you explore the options open to you when you select your area of premedical studies. 

Best wishes to your success in your future endeavors!

Thomas Quinn, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for
Medical School Admissions

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