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The Creighton College of Nursing is known for innovation. So it came as no surprise when Creighton's nursing faculty led the world in creating an instrument that would assess student performance in simulated clinical experiences.

After several years of research and successful outcomes, the Creighton Competency Evaluation Instrument (C-CEI) has proven effective and is sought out by nurse educators, researchers, and clinician's around the country and the world. Training is also provided to ensure educators are properly utilizing the instrument.

The instrument has recently been updated to reflect the QSEN competencies, and renamed the Creighton Competency Evaluation Instrument (C-CEI).

This free, downloadable, one-page tool is used by over 190 organizations, including the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the National League for Nursing. Requests for the C-CEI have come from as far away as China, Spain and South Korea. The C-CEI is even being translated into Chinese and Spanish.

C-CEI focuses on 22 general nursing behaviors divided into four categories:

  • Assessment: collects pertinent subjective/objective data, follows-up, assesses environment, systematic and orderly
  • Communication: with inter/intra professional team, with patient and significant others, documentation, response to abnormal findings, professionalism
  • Clinical Judgment: interprets vital signs, lab results and relevant data, prioritization, outcome formulation, intervention performance and rationale, evaluation of interventions, reflection
  • Patient Safety: patient identifiers, utilizes standard precautions, safe medication administration, equipment management, technical performance

 The evaluation tool was created by College of Nursing faculty members:

Interested in C-CEI? You may download a free PDF of the instrument after agreeing to the terms of use.

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