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Suzzi Gregg, RN, CNL

Part of the first graduating class for the Clinical Nurse Leader Program. Presentor at the Clinical Nurse Leader Summit in New Orleans in 2009 and 2010. Charter Member of the Clinical Nurse Leader Association.




Kara Linder, RN
Accelerated Graduate 2011
Lincoln, NE

Originally from Lincoln, NE, I received a bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in Integrative Physiology while being a full-time student athlete. I was an NCAA Division 1 athlete on the Women's Soccer team.

After receiving my bachelor's, I pursued the same career path as some of my family members and received my BSN from Creighton University's Accelerated Nursing Program. Currently, I am an RN in the Surgical ICU at the University of Colorado Hospital.





Dacia Oakeson, APRN
Traditional Graduate 2007
MSN Graduate 2012
Hastings, NE

Originally from Hastings, NE, I received a bachelorís degree from Creighton in 2007. I then completed my masterís degree at Creighton as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2012.  Attending Creighton's Mary Lanning Healthcare campus allowed me to achieve my educational goals while living in the community where I was raised and where I was also establishing myself in my professional career.  I currently work as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner at Mary Lanning Healthcare in their outpatient clinics.


Mallory Klocke, RN
Traditional Graduate 2013
Dedham, IA

Originally from Dedham, IA, I recieved my BSN from Creighton University in May of 2013. Since graduation I have begun working at Lasting Hope Recovery Center in Omaha, NE. I also now volunteer with the Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa Medical Reserve Corps.


Rosemary Diamonte, RN
Traditional Graduate 2011
Nashua, NH

I am originally from Nashua, NH and completed my BSN at Creighton University in May of 2011. As part of my education, I completed my senior preceptorship in the spring of 2011 at Georgetown University Hospital on a pediatric unit. After graduation, I began to work at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC on a pediatric unit and I am currently still there!

Clinical Nurse Leader

In 2009, I received my Master's degree as a Clinical Nurse Leader. I was part of the first graduating class for the CNL program. During graduate school, I was accepted to present a poster at the Clinical Nurse Leader Summit in New Orleans in 2009. That presentation gave me the opportunity to be a contributing author for the first textbook about CNLs published in August 2009, titled Initiating and Sustaining the Clinical Nurse Leader Role: A Practical Guide, by James L Harris and Linda Roussel. I wrote for the chapter titled "Best practices from Clinical Nurse Leaders." In 2010, I was asked to return to the Clinical Nurse Leader Summit in San Diego to present and become a charter member of the Clinica Nurse Leader Association.

Currently, I work as a Patient Care Leader on the Behavioral Services Unit at Mary Lanning HealthCare in Hastings, NE. I am fortunate to have helped develop the job description for my role and that it closely resembles the original design for the Clinical Nurse Leader. I have a cohort of patients in which I coordinate and evaluate their care, anticipate risks, and serve on a team with other health care members. I frequently look at ways to improve our outcomes and proceses on BSU. I work with other nursing departments and non-nursing departments throughout the hospital. It is not unusual to find myself back at the Creighton Library doing research on the best current practices. These include a variety of topics such as psychiatric nursing screen on medical floors, nursing face to face assessment of restrained clients, interventions for individuals at risk for obstructive sleep apnea, and follow up calls to every individual discharged from our services.

I am married with 3 children. Kiera (age 9), Brady (age 9), and Ben (age 7). Ben is classically autistic. The combination of parenting my son and working in Behavioral Sciences has led me to become an autism advocate. I am one of two Certified Autism Specialists in Nebrasks and serve as a board member for the Autism Society of Nebraska. On February 20th, I will attend the Autism Day on the Hill in Washingon, DC where I will meet with the offices of Senator Mike Johanns and Congressman Jeff Fortenberry to discuss issues surrounding the autism community. Frequently, I serve as a guest lecturer at Central Community College and instruct on autism.


One Year Later

In December 2011, I officially became a graduate of Creighton University's Accelerated Nursing Program. After a year of hard work, anxiety ran high as I was on the hunt for a job. After a couple of rejections I finally heard back from The University of Colorado Hospital, a Magnet hospital and one of the top academic medical centers in the nation.

I was hired on to be part of a one year Graduate Nurse Residency Program. My education at Creighton prepared me above and beyond my cohorts in the same program. We are involved in evidence-based practice projects and I feel invigorated about them just from our research experience at Creighton. Being able to see how evidence-based projects affect real world practice has been exciting.

Beyond what I was taught in the classroom, the clinical time we spent in the community invigorated me to continue to serve the less fortunate. That being said, I've joined HealthSET in Denver providing free health-promotional clinics set up around Denver for the low-income elderly population. So overall, Creighton has instilled me with great education and knowledge to provide care to all populations. It has also motivated me to further my education down the road.


Hastings Campus Experience

In May 2012 I graduated from Creighton School of Nursing with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am currently working at Mary Lanning Healthcare in Hastings, NE as a FNP in their outpatient clinics spending the majority of my time working at the Community Health Center which is a clinic providing healthcare for non-insured patients.

Returning to Creighton to attain my master's degree was a straight forward decision, as I had received my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Creighton, during which time I was encouraged by the faculty to further my education and become a life-long learner. Both of my nursing degrees were obtained at Creighton University's Mary Lanning campus located in Hastings, NE. The relationship that Creighton has developed with Mary Lanning allowed me the convenience to attend classes at a campus where I was also able to conduct clinical hours which in turn resulted in my current employment at Mary Lanning.

Another important aspect of my Creighton School of Nursing experience was the incorporation of the Ignation values within the nursing curriculum. I believe that because of the emphasis placed on Ignation values throughout both undergraduate and graduate school, I am better able to meet the comprehensive health care needs of my patients.







Only 6 months later!

Although only six months have passed since my graduation from Creighton Uiversity (CU), I have had so many changes both personally and professionally since May 2013. In the fall of 2009, I left my family's farm near Dedham, Iowa and came to Omaha to learn what it means to be a BlueJay and of course, a nurse! My time at CU has proven invaluable as I have begun my professional career.


When beginning my job search, I mainly focused in the Omaha area and was fortunate to come across an opportunity with Alegent Creighton. I am currently a staff nurse at Lasting Hope Recovery Center, an inpatient mental health facility. I recently joined the Unit Partnership Council, which is a group that invludes staff from various service lines and units who come together to improve both patient care and staff satisfaction.


In addition to working full time, I have joined the Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa Medical Reserve Corps. This group addresses public health, emergency response, and community resiliency. Joining has exposed me to volunteering options such as the Healing Gift Free Clinic, which provides basic clinic and pharmaceutical services for those in need.

After a head's up from my professors about the special rate offered to new graduates, I joined the American Nurses Association and Nebraska Nurses Association. This was only one of the many ways in which the faculty at CU help me on my path to become a competent, informed, and coompassionate professional. As I consider how I would like to advance both my career and my education, I feel quite fortunate for the strong foundation Creighton University College of Nursing has laid for me.

Wow! Time Flies!

Two and a half years time flies! I graduated from Creighton University in May of 2011 with my BSN and went straight to job hunting. My classroom education along with challenging clinical rotations at Creighton gave me the motivation and desire to seek employment at a large teaching hospital. A lot of hard work, an excellent education, and some luck landed me at my first and current job at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC.

I work on a pediatric unit that provides care for hematology and oncology patients as well as neurology, immunology, and general pediatric patients. I have obtained my CPN and APHON certifications. I am also involved in the Quality of Life Committee on my unit, which allows me to work on a more intimate level with patients and families. My education at Creighton University has been instrumental in whom I have become and what I hope to continue to do. It taught me the importance of continuing education. I hope to head back to school in the next few years and I feel so fortunate for the strong foundation that Creighton provided me.

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