Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Creighton Print Center?
The Creighton Print Center is your source for all copying, printing and finishing needs for Creighton schools, colleges and departments. The Creighton Print Center has two locations, the copy center in the Criss III Building, and the main office in the Murphy Building at 701 N. 20 St. The Creighton Print Center is part of a Creighton partnership with Xerox to provide enhanced technology, processes and support as well as increased efficiencies and cost savings for the university.
Who should use the Creighton Print Center?
All University printing needs must be referred to the Creighton Print Center. The Print Center will assist in coordinating jobs with Mail Services, Creative Services and Purchasing and with any external vendors that may be required.

What is WebCRD?
WebCRD is the web-based storefront tool that enables recognized users to create and order print jobs, track orders and search inventory, determine pricing and use customizable templates and standardized items such as logos. WebCRD allows users to order and create jobs on-line while sitting at their desks.

How do I gain access to WebCRD?
If you need copies, you can go to either one of our Print Center locations. If you are regularly responsible for creation of new print pieces or need to order stock inventory, you can log in with you Blue ID and password.

What do I do if I need to design a new print piece?
First, check out the customizable templates in the Design Templates section of the catalogs.  If these will not accommodate your needs, contact Marketing and Communications at
402.280.1784 or fill out an online marketing brief.

I have a designer or outside printer that I have used in the past. Will I be able to use this outside vendor in the future?
Under Creighton’s print governance policy, all creative and printing services must be handled in house, wherever possible. By working with Creative Services and the Creighton Print Center, it can be determined if it is necessary or feasible to use outside vendors. The Creighton Print Center will be able to provide a list of preferred vendors if outside assistance is warranted.

What is the turnaround time for orders?
Black and white is a three-day turnaround, and color is a five-day turnaround.  Turnaround time is based on the complexity of an order. If it is a simple request, the turnaround time may be less.

Can users get a proof?
Yes. For catalog orders, the preview function acts as the proof. If a proof is needed for ad hoc jobs please check the Provide a sample of the document before processing my order. A hard copy proof can be delivered or made available for pick up.

Does requesting a proof affect the time it takes for a job to be completed?
Yes it can, particularly if approval of the proof is delayed.

Are electronic or fax proofs available?
As mentioned above, electronic proofs are available within WebCRD for catalog orders. However, no electronic or fax proofs are available for ad hoc orders.

Does the Print Center monitor the print quality?  
Yes. The Print Center, managed by Xerox Services, takes steps to ensure print quality. If the Print Center sees problems with a printed piece, i.e. a color issue, they will contact the user. 

Is there a way to request a specific document size, executive size for example?
The document size for catalog items is predetermined and cannot be changed.  Size can and should be requested for all ad hoc print submission orders.

Are business cards catalog items?
Yes. Business Cards are located in the "Creighton Branded Templates" category of the ordering page.

If a business card is needed that does not fit within the available templates, will the Print Center assist with getting the business cards created?
If a business card does not fit within an available template, contact Creative Services.

If a document is created by Creative Services who enters the print order into WebCRD?
The person requesting the document needs to discuss this with Creative Services.

Can I change the quantity for an order once I have submitted the order?
Once the order has been submitted, the quantity cannot be changed. However, if you go to the "Orders" tab and open your order, you can easily order more by selecting "Reorder."

Can I only submit a PDF when requesting an ad hoc print request?
No, other document types are fine, such as Word or PowerPoint; however, a PDF is the preferred file type to ensure the file will print properly. A link to SurePDF driver is available.

How do I check to make sure files have been attached when I am submitting a print request?
If you have the SurePDF print driver installed on your computer, you can just go to print from any software program and select SurePDF_creighton driver and click on print. This will convert your document to a print ready PDF

How do I get a quote on a print job?
Once a file is uploaded or printed using the SurePDF driver, WebCRD will calculate an estimate.

Are the paper colors listed on the New Job submission form the only colors we can select from?
The paper shown is the paper that is in stock. Special papers can be ordered. It takes a day or two to receive paper orders.

Should an emergency print request be placed in WebCRD?
Yes. Place the order in WebCRD, then call the Print Center with the job number and the job will be expedited.