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August 25, 2014
Creighton University welcomes historic freshman class with attentive move-in crew

KETV, Aug 23, 2014
One of the largest freshman classes in Creighton University history moves in Saturday, and student ambassadors aim to get everyone into the dorms in record time.
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Ground Game: Tunnels in Gaza, Korean Peninsula

Voice of America, Aug. 21, 2014
Davis Florick, a graduate student specializing in East-West studies at Nebraska's Creighton University, said South Korean and U.S. search teams continue to conduct spot checks along the border.
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Commodity price slump packs a punch on ag economy

Minneapolis Star Tribune, Aug. 12, 2014
And commodity prices are expected to move even lower in the months ahead, according to Ernie Goss, an economist at Creighton’s Heider College of Business.
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Building Community in Ferguson

St. Louis Post Dispatch, Aug. 20, 2014
Michael D. Thomas, an assistant professor of economics in Heider College of Business at Creighton University wrote this opinion piece for the St Louis Post Dispatch
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Social Cooperation in Ferguson: An Interview with Michael Thomas, Aug. 20, 2014
Thomas is an assistant professor in the Heider College at Creighton University. He is a public choice economist and has published on topics including welfare economics, transportation economics, and tax policy.
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Does 'Don't be evil' still apply to Google?

CNBC, Aug. 19, 2014
"It goes back to that saying from the 1800's: 'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,'" said Beverly Kracher, CEO and executive director of the Business Ethics Alliance.
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