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College of Arts and Sciences: Indicators of Excellence
  • College of Arts and Sciences programs prepare the critical thinkers, problem solvers and strong communicators sought by employers and graduate and professional schools.
  • The college offers over 50 majors and minors.
  • Nearly 45 percent of arts and sciences freshmen were in the top 10 percent of their high school class. 82 percent were in the top 30 percent.
  • 97 percent of our recent graduates were immediately employed (35 percent), enrolled in graduate or professional school (49 percent) or began service in a volunteer program (13 percent).
  • Our students stand out. The most prestigious scholarships, national recognition and other honors are part of the fabric of a Creighton education. Since 2006, Creighton has had 12 Fulbright Scholarship recipients. Of those, eight have been College of Arts and Sciences students.
    • Creighton has been recognized three times as a top Fulbright-producing institution.
    • In the last 11 years, 15 Creighton students have been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship.
  • Creighton is one of 11 Jesuit colleges and universities to have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Phi Beta Kappa Society is an academic honor society which inducts the most outstanding students in arts and sciences at American colleges and universities.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum is one of few in the country with the depth and breadth that allows a pre-med student to major in biochemistry and minor in dance. At Creighton, you can study for your career while exploring your passions.
  • Interaction-based work, or work requiring extensive human interaction, is the fastest-growing category of employment in developed countries, where it already accounts for a large proportion of jobs. The College of Arts and Sciences prepares students to collaborate and communicate effectively in the workforce.
  • Data scientists are an emergent need in today’s workforce, especially by telecom, hi-tech, travel/hospitality, and financial services fields. The political science and international relations department prepares students to excel in this high demand field by teaching students to understand and interpret complex data.
    • A recent study shows the demand for data scientists will outpace the supply within five years.
  • Hands-on experiences
    • Interested in sustainability? Creighton houses the largest alternative energy site in Nebraska and uses solar and wind power to help offset energy costs. Creighton offers students personalized, real life experience on the science and engineering behind sustainability. Michael Cherney, Ph.D., mentors students, including one who in his sophomore year had the opportunity to monitor equipment valued at $100 million and others who travel to Switzerland to work at CERN, one of the world’s largest and most respected scientific research centers. Students in the Energy Technology Program installed Creighton’s campus solar energy panels, allowing them hands-on experience.
    • Four Creighton elementary education majors were chosen to participate in NASA programs in the summer of 2013.
    •  A Creighton freshman was selected this summer for Canta in Italia, a prestigious opera program in Luca, Italy.
    • Two students accompanied a professor during an archaeological excavation in Cyprus this summer.
    • This year a journalism student won a prestigious Mark of Excellence Award by the Society of Professional Journalists for the best Online In-Depth Medium School Division.
    • In the summer of 2013, a Creighton senior was selected for the American Society of Magazine Editors program, a highly competitive 10-week magazine internship in New York.


  • The College of Arts and Sciences has more than 315 full-and part-time faculty, the majority of whom hold the highest degrees awarded in their fields.

Creighton College of Arts and Sciences graduates have gone on to study at prestigious national and international universities including Oxford, Mayo Medical, Harvard and the American University of Paris. Others have found jobs in diverse companies worldwide. Internship opportunities abound and recent placements are as varied as the U.S. Senate Library, Union Pacific, ConAgra and Apple, Inc.

International Opportunities:

  • College of Arts and Sciences students have studied abroad on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Faculty from the college have led students to seven different countries as part of the Faculty-Led Programs Abroad.
  • Want to see the world? Nearly 250 students annually study abroad, immersing themselves in the culture and traditions of the countries they visit and learning important life lessons along the way. Countries include Tanzania, England, India, Estonia, France, China, Poland, and more.

Undergraduate Research:

  • Creighton provides unique opportunities for undergraduate students to become involved in research. The proximity and diversity of Creighton’s nine colleges and schools in a tight-knit community allows students and faculty to work side-by-side on interdisciplinary projects across campus. Students gain the ability to work on graduate-level projects, present their work at national meetings and graduate with their names on peer-reviewed publications.
  • Students often receive research scholarships and funds to present their findings at academic conferences worldwide. In 2012, 24 students won national scholarships to conduct research.

  • Center for Undergraduate Research (CURAS)


    • The center serves as a centralized area for information on available undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities with an interdisciplinary approach across campus.

    Centers of Excellence:

    • Asian World Center
      • The Asian World Center promotes a broad understanding of Asian cultures and an awareness of the important historical and international events happening in the Asian world.
    • Center for Catholic Thought
      • The Center for Catholic Thought features and explores the Catholic intellectual tradition, broadly conceived, as it is expressed within and among the various disciplines of the Catholic university.
    • Center for Henry James Studies
      • The Center for Henry James Studies seeks to educate and promote the role Henry James played as a literary figure who shaped the history of U.S. culture. The center’s library constitutes a unique and significant resource for students, teachers, scholars of Henry James, and also of American and European history and culture from the late 19th century.
    • Center for Mathematics of Uncertainty
      • The mission of the Center for Mathematics of Uncertainty is to support the paradigm shift in the sciences involving uncertainty and to support colleagues in third world countries.
    • Kripke Center for the Study of Religion and Society
      • The Kripke Center is dedicated to facilitating scholarly activity in the areas of religion and society. Special attention is given to promoting understanding between and among faith communities, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.