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Graduate School: Indicators of Excellence

The Creighton University Graduate School offers a variety of graduate programs across an array of disciplines. A Creighton graduate student develops enduring abilities essential for today’s world. These include critical thinking and reasoning skills, disciplinary competence, scholarly inquiry skills and a strong ethical/moral foundation. Students work closely with faculty mentors who are committed teacher-scholars and researchers. Creighton students are challenged to develop as professionals who have the wisdom and judgment necessary to provide leadership in helping build a more just society. The Graduate School integrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to develop competent and reflective individuals.

  • The Graduate School offers 32 master’s degree programs across a broad spectrum. Graduate degrees range from atmospheric sciences, physics and international relations, to English, ministry, theology and education, to the medical and pharmaceutical sciences, education, and negotiation and dispute resolution. In fall 2013 six new degree programs were added including: the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Master of Science East-West, which are offered in a traditional on-campus setting; and the Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology, Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Emergency Medical Services, and Master in Business Administration, which are offered online.
  • Dual degree programs are available in a variety of fields of study, allowing students to earn a graduate degree in conjunction with a professional degree (J.D., Pharm.D. or M.D.), or to earn graduate degrees in two fields, including business, international relations, negotiation and dispute resolution, information technology management, and healthcare ethics.
  • Doctoral programs are offered in the fields of biomedical sciences, medical microbiology and immunology pharmacology.
  • The school offers an online interdisciplinary Ed.D. program in leadership in which students benefit from an interdisciplinary approach using information, faculty, resources and skills across eight colleges and schools, including areas in business, education, health sciences and government. This diversity of disciplines allows for unique opportunities in programming that combine experts (and expertise) from multiple fields and practice-based scholarly research. Graduates in this interdisciplinary program bring complex skills of leadership, communication and innovation to the workplace. Students typically graduate in three years. It is one of the largest Ed.D. programs in leadership in the country.
  • Creighton’s Graduate School grew 6.9 percent last year. The national average was about 5.5 percent according to the Council of Graduate Schools.
  • More than 47 percent of Creighton’s current graduate students are now enrolled in online programs.