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Medical School Lectures… To Go

Medical School Lectures… To Go

At Creighton University’s School of Medicine, students are able to listen to their lectures on the go, through their iPods. Lectures for first- and second-year medical students have been available online since they returned from winter break on Jan. 3.

“This is the next generation of communication for Creighton’s School of Medicine – we are reaching the students where they are,” said Bill Jeffries, Ph.D., associate dean for Medical Education at Creighton University. “Many of our students are auditory learners. They can review lectures at their convenience to reinforce understanding of the curriculum.”

Early usage statistics indicate that this form of learning is very popular. The amount of network traffic for the Creighton University School of Medicine website has doubled since podcasting began.

“I still attend the lectures,” said first-year medical student Cindy Paul, “but the podcast allows me to be exposed to the material again. I can listen to the entire lecture again and take notes on things I didn’t catch in class.”

Posted: 1/27/06

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