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Creighton Hosts National Native American Activities

Creighton Hosts National Native American Activities

Creighton University is hosting the 10th Annual Native American Retreat for high school students and the American Indian Leadership Conference for college students starting March 30 at the Skutt Student Center.

These events will culminate in the University's second All-Nations Powwow on April 1 at the Kiewit Fitness Center. The powwow will feature the Black Lodge Singers, who were nominated for the first-ever Grammy award in the Native American music category.

The theme for this year’s retreat and conference is “Revitalizing American Indian Thought.”

Creighton University is distinctively qualified to host these events since Creighton was the nation’s first Jesuit university, and the first college in Nebraska, to offer a Native American studies major. Enrollment of Native American students has increased by 500 percent since 1995.

The Native American Retreat brings high school students from all over the country to experience college life and allows for the exchange of ideas, network and dialogue on issues particular to them.

The American Indian Leadership Conference, hosting college students, showcases the work and research done by students and faculty in higher education institutions. One item up for discussion during the conference involves the use of Native American mascots.

Speakers at the leadership conference include Howard Rainer, program administrator for the Native American Educational Outreach Programs at Brigham Young University; Dr. Norbert S. Hill Jr. (Oneida Nation), executive director, American Indian Graduate Center; and Ann Waters, J.D., Ph.D., who is of Seminole, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee and Jewish descent. She holds four graduate degrees and is a philosopher, poet and lawyer, having published in several philosophy and American Indian journals and anthologies. Waters is also the founder and current president of the American Indian Philosophy Association.

“Creighton has a firm commitment to a diverse student body and encourages participation in a wide range of activities that support those endeavors,” said Teri Dameron, this year’s coordinator of the Native American conference and powwow. “One of the most colorful, and awe-inspiring spectacles is the grand entry at the powwow, which features traditional dress, drummers and dancers.”

Posted: 3/14/06

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