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Free Family Bone Density Screening at Creighton

Free Family Bone Density Screening at Creighton

Bone Health is a family affair and a focus of Creighton University’s educational outreach during May — National Osteoporosis Month.

Osteoporosis is a major public health threat for more than 44 million Americans — striking at any age and having debilitating effects. The good news is this disease is highly preventable. Medical experts agree that only through research will the treatment and prevention of this disease be possible.

Creighton University is offering free bone density testing for families as part of a family research study at its Osteoporosis Research Center (ORC). Bone density testing can help determine if you are at risk for getting the disease. Eligible families include a minimum of four family members; two parents and two to three biological children or one parent and three to four of his/her biological children. Children must be 25-50 years of age and healthy.

“We are continuing to make strides in discovering the genetic links and causes of this devastating bone deterioration,” said Robert Recker, M.D., M.A.C.P., F.A.C. E., professor of medicine and director of Creighton’s ORC. “These studies are the keys to unlocking the secrets of this disease.”

In the area of genetics, ORC researchers have already discovered a mutation among family members that produced massive, strong bones, resistant to fracture. They were able to isolate a gene that dictates bone growth, which has led to additional research on finding a drug to mimic the effect of the mutation. These additional family studies will support these efforts.

If your family would like to participate in this free bone density testing, please call Theresa Conway, research nurse, at 1-800-368-5097, ext. 4676; locally at 402-280-4676; or e-mail at Each participating family member receives $25 for a one-time visit.

Posted: 5/16/06

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