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Documentary Showcases Leadership of Creighton Family

Documentary Showcases Leadership of Creighton Family

From humble beginnings in Ireland, a visionary family with drive and dreams, helped settle the American West and establish a nationally recognized Jesuit Catholic University.

Produced by NET Television, The Creightons: Building The Dream, is a documentary showcasing the lives of these famous Nebraska entrepreneurs, philanthropists and leaders, and their role in the development of Omaha and points west. A premiere will be held at 5 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 8, in the Ahmanson Law Center’s Gross Appellate Courtroom, on the Creighton University campus. The NET Television production was made possible through the financial support of First National Bank, the Nebraska Humanities Council and Creighton University.

“The Creighton family will forever be etched in the historical landscape of Omaha and Nebraska, not only because of their educational vision but for their pioneering spirit of discovery, hard work and service to others – character elements inspired by Catholic principles. Their efforts transformed this community. Our project partners recognized the importance of documenting this rich historical legacy as an inspiration for generations to come,” said the Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J., President, Creighton University.

The film chronicles the family’s journey from Ireland to Omaha including assimilation into a new country, their determination to link our country through the arduous task of extending the telegraph westward, and the realization of the American dream, guided by a commitment to philanthropy and service. Also featured are interviews and historical moments captured by numerous Midwest historians.

“The Creightons were the Warren Buffets of their day…with immense wealth and community impact. For example, their backbreaking creation of the telegraph line was a precursor to the success of our telecommunications industry today," said NET producer Sue Maryott, a 1992 graduate of Creighton University.

The NET Television broadcast premiere is scheduled for 7 and 9:15 p.m., Monday, Dec. 4, on NET1 and NET-HD.

Posted: 11/6/06

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