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Global Health Expert to Speak at Inaugural Menolascino Lecture

Global Health Expert to Speak at Inaugural Menolascino Lecture

Christopher Murray, M.D., D.Phil., a leading expert on global health care and principal investigator in the landmark World Health Organization Global Disease Burden Study, will speak at the Inaugural Frank Menolascino, M.D., Memorial Lecture and Distinguished Lecture series.

The speech, titled “Global Health Challenges,” will take place noon-1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26, at Creighton University Medical Center’s Morrison Seminar Room, 601 N. 30th St.. It is free to the public.

Murray is Saltonstall Professor and director of both the Harvard Initiative for Global Health and the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. In a phone interview, he said global health concerns are much more complex than many people think. Overall, he added, the United States is spending a lot of money on health for “mid-road outcomes,” and policymakers need to be held accountable.

Murray is also principal author of a report released in September and titled “Eight Americas: Investigating Mortality Disparities across Races, Counties, and Race-Counties in the United States.”

In the report, he said the gap between the highest and lowest life expectancies for race-county combinations in the United States is more than 35 years, and millions of the worst-off Americans have life expectancies typical of developing countries. Nebraskans ranked 16th in life span, reaching an average age of 77.8 years.

The Frank Menolascino Distinguished Lecture series is named after an Omaha psychiatrist who pioneered international attention to and improvements in the comprehensive and humane care of persons with mental retardation. His research showed that retardation and mental illness can co-exist in the same person, which helped lead to better treatments and integration of persons with mental retardation into the community. Menolascino served as a professor and chair of psychiatry at both Creighton University and University of Nebraska Medical Center. He died on April 3, 1992.

Posted: 10/16/06

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