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Marketing Professor Receives Ferber Award

Marketing Professor Receives Ferber Award

Creighton University Marketing Professor Natalie Ross Adkins, Ph.D., has received the prestigious 2006 Ferber Award from the Journal of Consumer Research for her article titled “The Low Literate Consumer,” that was written with Julie Ozanne, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

According to the study, with more than one fifth of American consumers considered functionally illiterate, the assumption that consumer research and the related marketing techniques should be focused solely on literate consumers may be inaccurate. Low-literate consumers who find a way to adapt to a marketplace where literacy is expected can not only challenge the status quo but can also be successful.

The Robert Ferber Award competition is held annually in honor of one of the founders and the second editor of the Journal of Consumer Research. The award is given to the best interdisciplinary dissertation article published in the latest volume of JCR.

Posted: 10/26/06

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