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Creighton Sponsors Annual Nebraska Lead Conference

Creighton Sponsors Annual Nebraska Lead Conference

For more than two decades, Creighton University has partnered with the Nebraska LEAD (Leadership Education / Action Development) program to hold an annual conference on social issues. The first part of the conference is at Creighton’s V.J & Angela Skutt Student Center Ballroom, Thursday at 1 p.m. and concludes on Friday at noon, March 1-2; the rest of the conference takes place through Saturday, March 3 at various other Omaha locations. This year participants, who are nominated to participate in the two-year leadership program, will have lunch at the Sienna Francis House on Friday.

Creighton presenters include, the Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J., president, welcome; Dr. Jos Welie, associate professor, Center for Health and Policy and Ethics on end-of-life issues; Dr. Donald Frey, chair, Department of Family Medicine, rural health care; Dr. Dennis Mihelich, historian on history of Omaha and Creighton University; and Dr. Ernie Goss, Jack MacAllister Chair in Regional Economics.

By having Creighton host this annual conference on social issues, it has afforded the University the opportunity to showcase several programs and professors over the years along with members of the Jesuit community. These speakers, along with representatives of Sacred Heart School, the Nebraska AIDS Project, Pride Omaha, the Nebraska Council on Compulsive Gambling, YWCA, Sienna Francis House, Child Protective Services, the Police Department and Girls and Boys Town, to name a few, make for a powerful and informative seminar that fits well with Creighton’s Mission.

The Nebraska LEAD program was started in 1981 by the Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council who recognized the need for a non-partisan, non-political organization to promote the future leadership of agriculture. The purpose of the program is to speed up the leadership development process through exposure to a broad array of topics, issues and concerns to better prepare the problem solvers, decision makers and spokespersons for the industry of agriculture and the State of Nebraska. The program is supported by Nebraska colleges, universities, businesses, industries and individuals throughout the state.

Posted 2/26/2007

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