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116 Creighton Medical Students Participate in Match Day

116 Creighton Medical Students Participate in Match Day

Slowly, he opened a white envelope and unfolded a piece of plain white paper. A grin spread across his face.

“Internal medicine, And it’s official,” said Dusan Stanojevic. He then put on a blue T-shirt that read “Creighton Lifer.” Stanojevic was one of 116 fourth-year medical students at Creighton University to participate in March 15’s National Residency Match Program ceremony.

The scene was repeated at 124 other medical schools across the country, where future doctors learned whether they were matched to the specialties and residency programs of choice for their graduate medical educations.

In the months leading up to Match Day, seniors investigated programs in which they were interested, completed face-to-face interviews, and then listed in order of preference the residency programs in which they would most like to train. At the same time, residency program officials conducted their own extensive reviews of applicants and submitted their top selections to fill first-year residency openings. A computer ultimately made the final match-ups.

While there was a story behind each Creighton student’s journey to Match Day, Stanojevic’s was particularly compelling. Stanojevic, now 26, fled from his homeland of Serbia in 1999 to avoid being drafted into the military. With his parents’ life saving hidden in pretzel bags, he came to America with dreams of becoming a doctor. He wound up at Creighton as an undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Stanojevic notes that he had a lot of help along the way to Match Day. His parents’ money only paid for one semester of undergraduate study. Creighton assisted with scholarships. Others stepped forward to assist, including Creighton employee Alice Smith. Smith and her husband, Martin. The Smiths invited Stanojevic to live with them, beginning the summer after his freshman year.

Stanojevic also met his future bride, Rachel Waggoner, at Creighton. In May, his parents will come to Omaha for the couple’s wedding and Stanojevic’s graduation from medical school.

His parents and others were also able to watch Stanojevic at Match Day, thanks to Creighton University Creative Services, which for the first time did a live webcast of the event. Ninety-eight connections were made to the webcast, and others called to say they could not get one due to the high traffic volume.

To view the webcast, go to

On Match Day, Creighton students matched in 15 specialty areas at institutions in 29 states. Internal medicine was the most popular specialty with 18 matches, followed by obstetrics/gynecology (17), diagnostic radiology (15), anesthesiology, (14), pediatrics (14) and general surgery (10). Six will enter residencies in family practice.

In addition to the 116 students participating in the National Residency Match Program, six were placed through other match programs.

Posted: 3/16/2007

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