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Creighton EMS Education Program to Host State’s Largest EMS Competition

Creighton EMS Education Program to Host State’s Largest EMS Competition

Twelve teams of emergency medical responders from four states will converge at Creighton University on Nov. 17 for a large-scale, simulated-patient competition, hosted by the Creighton Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program.

“The emergency scenario will be a large-scale event complete with stage props, rescuers, victims, and uninjured onlookers who may help or hinder the rescue efforts,” said Rodney Turpel, Creighton EMS instructor and event manager. “The simulated event will be realistic and timely; it is something that has happened many times in other communities and could easily happen in our community on any day.”

While the specifics of the event will not be revealed until the competition, each team knows that it will have 15 minutes to respond and treat 10 people with simulated injuries. A panel of judges will score team members on their patient assessments and treatment decisions as well as the speed and effectiveness of their decisions.

Turpel said similar events are held annually around the country, but this is the first time that a competition of this magnitude has been held in Nebraska.

“The competition offers emergency responders the opportunity to experience lifelike training that they would not be able to get in other traditional ways. It also provides the participants opportunities to network and learn from each other,” Turpel said. “The teams take the competition very seriously. A team may spend 50 to 100 hours training for competitions such as this one.”

The competition will take place at Creighton’s EMS education facility, 2514 Cuming St., from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

In addition to Omaha teams, teams from Papillion, Florida, Iowa and Kansas will compete.

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