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Creighton Professor Publishes in Oxford’s Forum on Public Policy

Creighton Professor Publishes in Oxford’s Forum on Public Policy

Bette Novit Evans, Ph. D., Creighton University professor of political science, has recently published a paper entitled, “A Proposed Best Account of Religious Freedom,” in the Forum on Public Policy, a journal of the Oxford Round Table. Her paper, was originally presented at the July 2007 Oxford Round Table conference on church and state issues. The article argues that any satisfactory understanding of religious freedom must appreciate religion both as personal spirituality and as the symbols and institutions of a community. Papers published in the Forum must, in the judgment of peers, make a significant contribution to the field of knowledge related to public policy and academic inquiry.

Her account of religious freedom brings to light two different understandings of religion. One set understands religion as deeply spiritual; the other understands religion as a set of practices, institutions, symbols and identities which create and sustain a sense of belonging to a community. The paper presents accounts of the importance and function of religious liberty and explores the political philosophy underlying these accounts and the guidance each might offer in contemporary church/state controversies.

Evans has been a faculty member at Creighton since 1975, focusing on courses in legal and philosophical approaches to political life. She has received Creighton’s Robert F. Kennedy Award for teaching excellence, as well as the Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton Award for enhancing opportunities at Creighton for women.

To access the article, the journal can be ordered from the Forum on Public Policy at

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