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Cardiac Center Dedicates Auditorium

Cardiac Center Dedicates Auditorium

The Creighton Cardiac Center on June 30 formally named its auditorium the Arthur and Florence Enewold Auditorium.

The auditorium was dedicated in memory of the Enewolds, a hardworking southwest Iowa farm couple who married during the Great Depression. Using proceeds from the sale of the family farm, Jacqueline E. Johnson recently donated $1.5 million in honor of her parents and established the Jacqueline E. Johnson Endowed Cardiology Education Fund, which will be used to help purchase training equipment and support cardiovascular education for Cardiac Center fellows and faculty.

A history of heart disease within Johnson’s family played a strong role in Johnson’s decision to make a gift to the Creighton Cardiac Center. Her father died of a heart attack in 1980, and her brother had heart bypass surgery at age 51. In addition, several other relatives in her father’s family suffered with heart disease. In fact, Johnson, herself, was hospitalized following a heart attack. She remembers the exact date: May 28, 1996. “I try to forget it,” she said. “I remember lying there in the hospital room. I was so scared, not knowing what the future was going to hold for me. Fortunately, I was able to recover.”


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