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Schlegel to Receive Women in Leadership Award

Schlegel to Receive Women in Leadership Award

Creighton University President, the Rev. John P. Schlegel, S. J. has been named ICAN’s (Institute for Career Advancement Needs) Tim Rouse Advocate for Women in Leadership Award winner.The award will be presented at the 15th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference on April 2 at the Qwest Center.

The annual award is presented to a man who actively participates in the advancement of women in leadership, who believes in the empowerment of all women, who understands the importance of recognition and opportunities for women, who advocates for professional advancement of women, and who acknowledges the full talents, capabilities and rights of working women.

Acknowledged as a long time champion of women’s issues, Schlegel committed to the advancement of women to leadership roles with his inaugural address as President of the University in 2000.

“It is my belief that commitment to diversity includes an expanded role for women at Creighton. At an institution that has a majority of female students, there is a need to enhance the profile of women in the senior ranks of the professorate, in administration and in decision-making positions across the campus, college, and clinics.”

Since then he has named four women to vice presidential positions at Creighton, fifth as an interim vice president, and recruited six women to Creighton’s Board of Directors.

He has also enhanced women leadership by actively supporting Creighton’s Committee on the Status of Women and its annual luncheon honoring women and men who have been advocates and role models for women on campus. Most recently, he engaged the University’s Committee on the Status of Women and the Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women in launching “Women’s Perspectives,” a lecture series designed to address and discuss issues surrounding women’s leadership roles, opportunities and women’s issue on college campuses. He also sponsors an annual Diversity Forum for Omaha area leadership.

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