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Creighton EMS Team Finishes First in EMS Competition

Creighton EMS Team Finishes First in EMS Competition

Teams from Omaha and Boca Raton, Fla., placed first in Creighton University’s Third Annual EMS Competition, held Nov. 21 on the Creighton campus.

Finishing first in the advanced life support competition were Shea Miller, Jeff Lazzeri and Robert Parks with the Boca Raton Fire-Rescue. A Creighton student EMS team, comprised of Dan Pojar, Dayna Waterbury and Jessie Ashley, won the basic life support competition.

Twenty-one teams from Nebraska, Iowa, Florida and New York participated in the disaster simulation in which teams had 15 minutes to respond to an accident where a car plunged into a river on an icy day. The five passengers in the automobile accident spoke Spanish only. One of the rescuer divers developed barotraumas deep into the scenario, complicating the triage and rescue efforts. A panel of impartial judges scored participants on how well they assessed the scene and the patients as well as their treatment decisions.

Other top finishers in advanced life support included Flagler County Fire Rescue of Florida (Dennis Kline, Mike Pius, Justin Howell and Jon Moscowitz), second place; and St. John's County Fire Rescue of Florida (Crystal Cuzzort, Melanie Newbern and Justin Estes), third place.

In the basic life support competition, Flagler County Fire Rescue of Florida (Jesse Hunter, Jason Forte and Dennis Moore) finished second, and LaVista Fire & Rescue of Nebraska (Don McKay, Aaron Peth and James Thieoen) was third.

Creighton University, which has been educating paramedics for more than 30 years, offers a full range of educational options, including a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services. The University’s EMS education program is the only paramedic program in the region that is nationally accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions.

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