My Dream_MLK09

My dream

by Madhumitha Janagaraja

Every creature on earth has a reason for its existence
    to add color to earth; as rainbows beautify Mother Nature
Every community in the world has a reason for their existence
    To add colors to life; to add subjects in the school of life
Flowers become a bouquet and notes become a music by being different but still willing to stand next to each other.

Every community is unique in its heritage, values, traditions, custom and history.
They all add flavors to life and love.
They all have strengths and weaknesses on their own. Humanity can benefit only when every community is acknowledged, appreciated and allowed to make its stamps on the earths journey. Then is when the growth will be complete.

Racism stems out of socio-economic problems and lack of growth on our perception on personal appearance. Body is just a shell of a soul. People should not distinguish themselves by race, cast, color and creed.

There will be a day when we can treat everybody as brothers and sisters

  • When a positive change blossoms in our heart
  •  When we can learn to look beyond the skin and color
  • When we understand that there is a heart that beats behind the skin is the same, filled with love and feelings.
  •  Let us lend our ears to hear and respect what it says.

We will view the world as a single flower and sky as the single roof.
Let the journey for this change start from here . . . in schools and homes towards the communities.
There will be a day where we can treat everybody as brothers and sisters.

I have started my journey from this thought my friend and that is my dream as of in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s shoes.

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