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Creighton/Blackburn Students Unveil “Peace” Car

Creighton/Blackburn Students Unveil “Peace” Car

Creighton University and Blackburn High School on Friday unveiled a “peace” car, a 1970 Fleetwood Cadillac that is taking on a new life as a roving ambassador against violence and discrimination.

Students, faculty and staff from Creighton University’s Department of Occupational Therapy and Blackburn High School and artists with Art Car Exhibit and Celebration of Omaha restored and painted the car, transforming it with more than 200 metal discs containing messages against violence and discrimination.

The car includes a deck with railings atop the car for Blackburn students to speak out at various venues against violence and promote peaceful alternatives in the Omaha community.

Each year, Creighton occupational therapy students work with Blackburn on a hands-on, creative project that is designed to empower the high school students to make positive changes in their lives and in the community. This year, Blackburn students requested the theme of art against violence and discrimination.

“The work on the car is the product of labor, time, love and positive energy of the collaborating partners…,” said Kathy Flecky, Creighton assistant professor of occupational therapy. “The Blackburn students created a slogan for the project: Reaching out. Helping others. Inspiring change. Keeping it stylish by driving out violence.”

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